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Word Cite needed Description
flitter (n.) antedating 1941 Edward E. Smith,'The Vortex Blaster' A small personal aircraft
gravitics (n.) antedating 1944 Malcolm Jameson, Tricky Tonnage the science of manipulating gravity
groundhog (n.) antedating 1942 Robert Heinlein, 'Waldo' a person who has never been in space
hobbit-hole (n.) antedating 1937 J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit a hobbit's house; or a small cozy house
hobbitish (adj.) antedating 1966 resembling a hobbit, hobbit-like
Luna (n.) antedating 1931 in Raymond Gallun's "The Lunar Chrysalis" Earth's moon
planet-buster (adj.) antedating 1959 F. Herbert 'The Missing Link' capable of destroying a planet
razor (adj.) antedating 1984 W. Gibson 'Neuromancer' having razors or other blades replacing fingernails
stargate (n.) antedating 1958 A. Norton 'Star Gate' a location or device in space by passage through which instantaneous travel over interstellar distances is achieved
stasis field (n.) antedating 1942 R. Heinlein 'Beyond This Horizon' a device which halts all change or activity in a given volume; also, the volume under such stasis
skimmer (n.) antedating 1949 W. Bade 'Lost Ulysses' a small aircraft designed or typically used for low altitude flight
skyhook (n.) antedating 1966 J. D. Isaacs et al. 'Satellite Elongation into a True 'Sky-Hook'' an orbital tower or other launch device
sleeper ship (n.) antedating 1968 J. Blish 'Space Seed' a spaceship in which most or all of the passengers are in some form of suspended animation such as cold sleep in order to avoid aging during a very long voyage
teleport (n.) antedating 1952 T. Sturgeon 'Baby Is Three' one who practises teleportation by psychic means
teleportage (n.) antedating 1951 John Wyndham =teleportation
teleporter (n.) antedating 1963 'M. Phillips' 'The Impossibles' one who teleports
vidscreen (n.) antedating 1953 1953 P. K. Dick 'Impostor' a screen capable of displaying a visual image
floater (n.) antedating 1952 C.M Kornbluth, Make Mine Mars an airborne floating platform powered by e.g. antigravity
jump drive (n.) antedating 1963 Harry Harrison, 'The Ethical Engineer' a spacecraft drive that enables a ship to journey through hyperspace or to engage in any instantaneous (long-distance) travel
lifeship (n.) antedating 1940 a spaceship designed or used as a lifeboat; an emergency spaceship
xenology (n.) antedating 1954 1954 R. Heinlein 'The Star Lummox' the scientific study of extraterrestrial phenomena, esp. xenobiology
xenobiology (n.) antedating 1954 1954 R. Heinlein 'The Star Lummox' the investigation of extraterrestrial life forms
xenobiologist (n.) antedating 1954 1954 R. Heinlein 'The Star Lummox' one who studies xenobiology
spaceway (n.) antedating 1933 C. L. Moore 'Shambleau' an established route through space
gyro-bus (n.) antedating 1936 John Beynon (Wyndham), 'Planet Plane' a flying bus
slidewalk (n.) antedating 1944 Fritz Leiber, 'Sanity' =moving pavement
Venerian (n.) antedating 1930 O. Stapledon 'Last and First Men' an inhabitant of Venus
Venerian (n.) antedating 1948 R. A. Heinlein 'Space Cadet' the language of Venusians
Venerian (adj.) antedating 1930 J. W. Campbell 'Solarite' pertaining to Venus or Venusians
slideway (n.) antedating 1942 R. Heinlein 'Beyond This Horizon' =moving pavement
space (v.) antedating 1952 R. Heinlein 'The Rolling Stones' to put someone out into space without a spacesuit as a method of execution
contraterrene (adj.) antedating 1941 R. S. Richardson in 'Astounding' opposite to terrestrial in character; used sometimes as a term for antimatter.
non-human (adj.) antedating 1931 Olaf Stapledon, Last and First Men of an alien, not human
triffidian (adj.) postdating 1951 J. Wyndham 'The Day of the Triffids' like, or in the manner of a triffid
triffid-like (adj.) interdating 1971 Daily Telegraph 16 Jan like, or in the manner of a triffid
areologist (n.) antedating 1976 in Frederik Pohl's "Man Plus" a geologist specializing in Martian geology
anti-gravitational (adj.) antedating 1900 George Griffiths, A Visit to the Moon
telekineticist (n.) antedating 1949 C. L. Harness in Startling Stories one who practises or has the power of telekinesis
genetic engineering (n.) antedating 1949 the science of deliberate modifications of the genetic makeup of living beings.
genetic engineer (n.) antedating 1954 a scientist who works in the field of genetic engineering.
atomic (adj.) antedating 1914 H.G. Wells. 'The World Set Free' In the SF sense, using the energy within the atomic nucleus.
anywhen (n.) antedating 1941 Robert A. Heinlein, Elsewhen
somewhen (n.) antedating 1941 R. Heinlein 'Elsewhen' with regard to time travel, at an unknown time
worm (n.) antedating 1975 1975 J. Brunner 'Shockwave Rider' A program designed to sabotage a computer or computer network; spec. a self-duplicating program which can operate without becoming incorporated into another program.
everywhen (adv.) antedating 1942 sense needed is with regard to time travel
nanorobot (n.) antedating 1990 in Scientific American a nanotechnological robot
Tardis (n.) antedating 1985 in Christian Science Monitor 30 Apr. In allusive use. Something resembling or likened to Doctor Who's TARDIS; spec.: (a) a thing which has a larger capacity than its outward appearance suggests; a building, etc., that is larger on the inside than it appears from the outside; (b) a thing seemingly from another time (past or future).
Tardis-like (adj.) antedating 1986 in The Times 4 Dec in reference to something whose capacity is greater than is suggested by its exterior appearance
artificial intelligence (n.) antedating 1956 Marvin Minsky, ' Heuristic Aspects of Artificial Intelligence Probl. ' The design and study of computer programs intended to show intelligent behaviour
planet-buster (n.) antedating 1950 B. Vanier 'Planet-Buster!' a bomb or other weapon, or a natural force capable of destroying a planet
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