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apazine (n.) antedating 1953 R. Silverberg 'Spaceship #20' a contribution to an apa
COA (n.) antedating 1961 W. Breen 'Fanac' notification of a change of address
condom (n.) antedating 1986 Dave Langford, Ansible #45 the milieu of (usually science fiction) conventions
conreport (n.) antedating 1953 R. Bloch 'Quandry' a report of the events of a (usually science fiction) convention
fandom (n.) antedating 1896 Washington Post, Oct 10, 1896 the world of enthusiasts for some amusement or for some artist; also in extended use.
fugghead (n.) antedating 1950 in 'Spacewarp #42' a stupid or incompetent person
fuggheaded (adj.) antedating 1950 in 'Spacewarp #42' stupid, incompetent
neo (n.) antedating 1956 Robert Bloch 'A Way of Life' = neofan
ob (n.) antedating 1991 a prefix denoting 'obligatory or expected reference to' a topic
stfnal (adj.) antedating 1944 John Bristol, 'Fancyclopedia' science fictional
tanstaafl (n.) antedating 1966 R. Heinlein 'The Moon is a Harsh Mistress' interjection asserting that there is a cost, hidden or otherwise to everything
fanfic (n.) antedating 1976 in Amer. Speech = fan fiction
mundane (n.) antedating 1955 D. Knight in 'Science Fiction Quarterly' a person who does not share the interests of a particular group of enthusiasts (used esp. among science fiction fans).
fannish (adj.) antedating 1948 in 'Fantasy Book' having the attributes of a dedicated or obsessive fan
filk (v.) antedating 1991 L. Niven et al. 'Falllen Angels' among science fiction and fantasy fans: to write or perform filk songs.
filk (n.) antedating 1955 K. Anderson 'The Zed' among science fiction and fantasy fans: a type of popular music, commonly performed at fan conventions, characterized by the use of familiar or traditional songs whose lyrics have been rewritten or parodied (usually on themes drawn from science fiction or
filk song (n.) antedating 1953 K. Anderson 'The Zed' a song in the filk style
filk sing (n.) antedating 1972 in 'The Boskone 9 Filk-Song Book' a session or event of filk singing
filk singer (n.) antedating 1983 R. Rose 'A Filker's Dictionary' one who sings filk songs
smof (v.) antedating 1971 in 'New York Times' 6 Sept. to talk with (usually science fiction) fans about organizing conventions or related fan activity
filking (n.) antedating 1987 San Francisco Chron. (Electronic ed.) 5 May among science fiction and fantasy fans: the writing or performing of filk songs.
filksinging (n.) antedating 1965 K. K. Anderson in 'West by One & by One' the singing of filk songs
unfannish (adj.) antedating 1958 R. M. Holland 'Ghu's Lexicon' failing to be fannish; not having the attributes of a dedicated or obsessive fan
trufandom (n.) antedating 1955 D. Knight in 'Hyphen'
ish (n.) antedating 1942 M. Lesser in 'Startling Stories' an issue or edition in a series; spec. an issue of a magazine, esp. (in early use) a fanzine.
gafiation (n.) antedating 1959 R. Eney 'Fancyclopedia II' the state of having gafiated
semiprozine (n.) antedating 1977 Susan Wood, 'Propellor Beanie' column a "semi-professional" fanzine
fannishness (n.) antedating 1959 R. Eney 'Fancyclopedia II' the quality of being fannish
fuggheadedness (n.) antedating 1950 in 'Spacewarp #42' the quality of being stupid or incompetent
fanboy (n.) interdating 1919-1982 1919 Decatur (Illinois) Rev. 2 Oct. a male fan (in later use chiefly of comics, film, music, or science fiction), esp. an obsessive one
fanac (n.) antedating 1956 Robert Bloch, 'Some of my Best Fans Are Friends' activity related to a particular fandom, usually science fiction, such as publishing fanzines or writing letters to fanzines
egoboo (n.) antedating 1947 Rick Sneary, letter to Thrilling Wonder Stories also "ego-boo", "ego boo"; from "ego boost", the gratification of seeing one's name in print
femmefan (n.) antedating 1947 in Startling Stories a female fan
fanne (n.) antedating 1947 in Startling Stories a female fan
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