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Definition to move (a spaceship) using a torch drive
OED requirements antedating 1956
Comment Malcolm Farmer submitted a cite from a reprint of Robert Heinlein's "Double Star"; Mike Christie verified the cite in the 1956 original magazine appearance. Malcolm Farmer suggested Norman Spinrad's "Riding the Torch"; Mike Christie located a cite from a 1978 reprint. Douglas Winston submitted a cite from a 2001 reprint of Michael Flynn's 2000 "Lodestar"

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1956 Astounding Sci. Fiction Feb. 29/2 About seventeen seconds and a gnat's wink after we make contact the Go For Broke will torch for Marsā€„for we've got to be there by Wednesday.
1974 N. Spinrad Riding Torch (1978) 189 D'mahl was a detached observer far out in space watching the scoutship torch ahead of the Trek.
1989 O. S. Card Prentice Alvin ii. 15 She was Little Peggy then, a girl of five, but she'd been torching for two years already, and in that time she never did a seeing on a birthing child who had so many paths to death.
1991 Omni Feb. 101/2 We've been ordered to torch the whole place.