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Definition a particularly intense meteor shower, esp. occurring when the earth intercepts a meteor stream soon after the originating comet has passed
OED requirements antedating 1872
Earliest cite Richard Proctor, "Meteors and Shooting-stars"
Comment Mike Christie submitted a 1948 citation from Mack Chapman Lea's "The Gorgons".
Roberto Labanti submitted a 1938 cite from a newspaper report (The Hammond Times [Hammond, Indiana], April 20, 1938).
Bill Mullins submitted an 1877 cite for "meteor-storm" from the "History of Kendall County, Illinois".
Roberto Labanti submitted a cite from the Washington Post, November 19, 1928.
Bill Mullins submitted a cite from the Worcester Spy, November 2, 1903.
Bill Mullins submitted a cite from the Wheeling Register, December 20, 1896.
Adam Buchbinder submitted a cite from Richard Proctor's article "Meteors and Shooting-stars" in the Eclectic Magazine for November 1872.

Earliest cite in OED2: 1977. Antedated to 1948 in OED3 in March 2003.

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1872 R. Proctor Meteors & Shooting-Stars in Eclectic Mag. Nov. 626/2 Had it occurred either a few hours sooner or a few hours later, we, in England, should not have witnessed it. In the former case we should have been on the sheltered part of the Earth—to leeward, so to speak, of the meteor storm; in the latter, though the meteors would have fallen upon portions of the atmosphere above our horizon, it would have been full daylight, and we should have seen no trace of them.
1877 E. W. Hicks Hist. Kendall County, Illinois 122 Our next encounter with the meteor-storm will be before daylight, November 14th, 1899, or a little earlier—the point in which the orbits meet not being stationary.
1896 Wheeling Register 20 Dec. 10/1 A rapid survey through my peep-holes showed me I was so far right, I was caught in a meteor storm.
1903 T.F. O'Connor November Skies in Worcester Daily Spy 2 Nov. 8/3 There were brilliant showers of Leonids or meteors near the middle of November in the years 1799, 1833, 1866, 1867, and 1868, and it was confidently anticipated that the phenomena would recur in 1899 and 1900, but little or nothing was seen of the expected meteor storm.
1928 Washington Post Nov. 19 7/2 Prof. C. P. Olivier finds Leonids are back on old course, and that world will pass through meteor-storm rivaling display of November, 1833.
1938 Hammond Times Apr. 20 11/4 Meteor Storm Kills Three New Delhi, India.—(U.P.)—A shower of meteoric fragments, accompanied by dazzling lights and rumbling sounds, killed three occupants of a thatched house in a village 50 miles from Jhansi, according to reports here.
1948 M. C. Lea in Astounding Sci. Fiction Sept. 125/2, I was surgeon of the Aurora when she hit a meteor storm three light-years sun-side of Arcturus five years ago.