Full record for space pilot n.

Definition a pilot of a spaceship
OED requirements antedating 1932
Earliest cite John W. Campbell,Jr, 'Invaders From the Infinite'
Comment Mike Christie submitted a 1941 cite from E. Waldo Hunter's "The Purple Light".
Fred Galvin submitted a 1939 cite from Lloyd Arthur Eshbach's "Mutineers of Space"
Fred Galvin submitted a 1937 cite from Arthur Leo Zagat's "The Cavern of the Shining Pool"
Fred Galvin submitted a 1932 cite from John W. Campbell Jr.'s "Invaders of the Infinite".

Earliest cite in the OED: 1944.

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Citations for space pilot n.

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1932 J. W. Campbell Invaders from Infinite in Amazing Stories Q. Spring 148/1 The change from the energy-less, flavored pastes that made up the principal bulk of a space-pilot's diet, to prevent over-eating, when no energy was used in walking in the weightless ship, was indeed a welcome change.
1937 A. L. Zagat Cavern of Shining Pool in Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct. 73/1 As a space pilot I should have been familiar with apparent changes of direction, deceptively due to misinterpretation of changes in acceleration, in rate of motion, by the monitors in our nervous system.
1939 L.A. Eshbach Mutineers of Space in Dynamic Sci. Stories Feb. 77/1 My name is Jones—Walter Jones. Second-class space pilot just out of training school.
1941 ‘E. W. Hunter’ Purple Light in Astounding Sci. Fiction June 121/1, I shouldn't, being a mere space pilot, have tried to think I was an atomic physicist.