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Definition the distance light travels in one second
OED requirements antedating 1915
Earliest cite W.T. Bovie, "The Action of Light on Protoplasm"
Comment Adam Buchbinder submitted a 1922 cite from "On the Significance of Recent Astronomical Discovery" by Harlow Shapley
Adam Buchbinder submitted a 1920 cite from "A More Nearly Rational System of Units" by Eliot Q. Adams
Adam Buchbinder submitted a 1915 cite from "The Action of Light on Protoplasm" by W.T. Bovie

Earliest cite in the OED database: 1923

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1920 E.Q. Adams More Nearly Rational System of Units in Science 3 Dec. 527/1 Astronomic units of distance now in use, ‘light second’, ‘light hour’, etc., are commensurable with the units proposed, the first being one billion times the fundamental unit of length.
1922 H. Shapley On Significance of Recent Astron. Discovery in Homiletic Rev. July 52/2 Expressing these large and small measures with reference to the velocity of light, we have an illustration of the scale of the astronomer's universe—his measures range from the trillionth of a billionth part of one light-second, to more than a thousand light-centuries.
1996 D. Weber Honor Among Enemies (1997) 488 Another light-second and a half, and she could bring the Manty under fire with her energy weapons.
1999 V. Vinge Deepness in Sky xxii. 258 We have hundreds of millions of people living within a few light-seconds of each other.