Full record for light-month n.

Definition the distance light travels in one month
OED requirements antedating 1952
Earliest cite in Theodore R. Cogswell's "The Specter General"
Comment Malcolm Farmer submitted, and Mike Christie verified, a 1960 cite from Poul Anderson's "The Burning Bridge". Fred Galvin submitted a 1952 cite from Theodore R. Cogswell's "The Specter General"

Earliest cite in the OED is from 1964.

Last modified 6 July, 2008

Citations for light-month n.

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1952 T. R. Cogswell Specter General in Astounding Sci. Fiction June 16/2 Ships that were supposed to be light-months away carrying on the carefully planned search for General Carr's hideout were fluttering down out of the sky like senile penguins, disabled by blown jets, jammed computers, and all the other natural ills that worn out and poorly serviced equipment is heir to.
1960 P. Anderson Burning Bridge in Astounding Sci. Fiction Jan. 111/2 In the course of that period, we covered not quite one-and-a-half light-months.