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Definition =anti-gravity
OED requirements any evidence 1950
Earliest cite Jack Vance, "The Dying Earth"
Comment Suggested by Michael R N Dolbear.
Douglas Winston submitted a cite from a 1983 reprint of Poul Anderson's "Outpost of Empire", which Mike Christie verified in its 1967 first publication.
Fred Galvin submitted a 1950 cite for "counter-gravity" from Jack Vance's "The Dying Earth"
Fred Galvin submitted a cite from a 1954 reprint of Nelson Bond's 1951 story "Vital Factor"
Fred Galvin submitted a 1955 cite from Richard Wilson's, "The Girls from Planet 5".

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Citations for countergravity n.

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1950 J. Vance Dying Earth 87 He knew lore of all ages, secrets of fire and light, gravity and counter-gravity, the knowledge of superpsychic numeration, metathasm, corolopsis.
1952 I. Asimov Currents of Space in Astounding Sci. Fiction Oct. 11/2 In those days, Valona would borrow a diamagnetic scooter and take him out of the village every idle day. They would skim along, a foot above the road, gliding on the cushioned smoothness of the counter-gravity field, until they were miles and miles away from any human habitation and there would be left only the wind against his face, fragrant with the kyrt blossoms.
1954 N. Bond Vital Factor in N. Bond No Time like Future 10 I've solved their secret. My idea is based on the principle that lets them fly. Electromagnetism. Utilization of the force of gravity. Or its opposite: counter-gravity.
1955 R. Wilson Girls from Planet 5 169 We have no intention of crashing into the city‚Ä•That would do comparatively little damage. We will apply countergravity. The ship will stop, but the city will disappear.
1967 P. Anderson Outpost of Empire in Galaxy Magazine Dec. 69/1 The engines driving that enormous mass were deathly quiet. But where their countergravity fields touched the planet, trees snapped to kindling and the lake roiled white.