Full record for countergrav n.

Definition =anti-gravity
OED requirements any evidence 1955
Earliest cite Richard Wilson, "The Girls from Planet 5"
Comment Mark Shawhan submitted a cite for "counter-grav" from a 1999 reprint of David Weber's "On Basilisk Station".
Fred Galvin submitted a 1955 cite from Richard Wilson's, "The Girls from Planet 5".

Suggested by Michael R N Dolbear. We would like to see cites of any date from other sources.

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Citations for countergrav n.

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1955 R. Wilson Girls from Planet 5 18 Suppose they miscalculated the density of our atmosphere and found they were streaking down too fast. They put on the brakes, so to speak, to avoid a crash. The brakes are jets, or countergrav, or what have you, and they stop.
1999 D. Weber On Basilisk Station 273 I'll drop one of them with your main force, then use the counter-grav to swing the other north.