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Definition pertaining to works that prefigure the themes of cyberpunk
OED requirements antedating 1991
Earliest cite in Extrapolation
Comment Jeff Prucher submitted a 1991 cite from Lance Olsen's "The Shadow of Spirit in William Gibson's Matrix Trilogy", in Extrapolation. Jeff Prucher submitted a 2001 cite from Gardner Dozois in "Being Gardner Dozois". Mike Christie submitted a 1994 cite from John Kessel in F&SF. Irene Grumman submitted a 1995 cite from a review by Paul Di Filippo in Asimov's.

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Citations for proto-cyberpunk adj.

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1991 Extrapolation Fall 279 The posthuman becomes, to use the title from Anthony Burgess's 1963 protocyberpunk novel, a clockwork orange.
1994 J. Kessel Books in Mag. of Fantasy and Sci. Fiction Apr. 24/1 They include hard science stories like‥Fred Pohl's in-your-face assault ‘Day Million’, a proto-cyberpunk hymn to accelerating social and technological change.
2001 G. Dozois Interview in G. Dozois & M. Swanwick Being Gardner Dozois 23 So I worked in clones and people with no digestive tracts whose nourishment was beamed to them by broadcast matter, and various other things like that. Just to get a sense of far-future alienness, of how different these people were from us‥. I think what I was doing here‥was groping towards a sort of proto-cyberpunk aesthetic.