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Definition = ray gun
OED requirements antedating 1930
Earliest cite John W. Campbell, Jr., 'The Black Star Passes'
Comment Fred Galvin submitted a 1932 cite from Arthur G. Stangland's "50th Century Revolt".
Fred Galvin submitted a 1930 cite from John W. Campbell, Jr.'s "The Black Star Passes".
Fred Galvin submitted a 1946 cite from a letter in Planet Stories.
Fred Galvin submitted a 1941 cite from J. Harvey Haggard's "Derelicts of Uranus".
Fred Galvin submitted a 1957 cite from a Robert W. Lowndes editorial, "It's More Than Just Trying"
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1932 A. G. Stangland 50th Century Revolt in Wonder Stories Apr. 1219/2 Damn it, he was hauling out one of those vicious ray pistols he'd been dodging. Wonder if he'd hit him before the prince could ray him?