Full record for saucerman n.

Definition a being imagined to travel in a flying saucer
OED requirements antedating 1952
Earliest cite Larry Shaw in _Space Science Fiction_
Comment In OED2 with a 1967 example. Fred Galvin submitted a 1952 citation from _Space Science Fiction_.
Last modified 2 March, 2010

Citations for saucerman n.

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1952 L. Shaw Saucers in the Belfry in Space Sci. Fiction Nov. 96/1 Saucer-men wind up all-knowing all-powerful, and—of course—sexy.
1954 Spaceway Sci. Fiction Dec. 50 No one knows exactly what the Martian ‘canals’ are. They could be tremendous rifts in the planet's crust. Our saucer-men could live at the bottom of these in an atmosphere which is still comparatively dense, perhaps even artificially sustained.