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Definition a prefix indicating magnetism; e.g. mag-boots
OED requirements antedating 1943
Earliest cite Ray Bradbury, 'King of The Gray Spaces'
Comment Bill Seabrook located and Mike Christie confirmed a 1948 cite from Theodore Sturgeon's "There Is No Defense". Mark English submitted a 1944 cite from Wesley Long's "Latent Image". Fred Galvin submitted a 1943 cite ("mag-field") from Ray Bradbury's "King of The Gray Spaces"
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Citations for mag- n.

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1948 ‘T. Sturgeon’ in Astounding Sci. Fiction Feb. 30/1 Maneuvering was accomplished by variations in field strength by inductance-coupling of the mag-flux coils.
1961 G. H. Scithers in Amra July 22 After that I wrote one tale because Bea Mahaffey solicited it for her mag (Other Worlds , I think).
1994 Sci. Fiction Age July 6/2 The first thing I do with my mag is rip out the accursed Cards & Stiff Things which make it impossible to flip through the mag comfortably.
1995 Sci Fi Entertainment Feb. 8/1, I feel compelled to thank you (and your mag) for the delightful piece on Peter Cushing.