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Definition a fictional world in which multiple authors set their stories
OED requirements antedating 1985
Earliest cite John C. Bunnell in Dragon Magazine
Comment Jeff Prucher submitted a 1988 cite from Gene Wolfe's introduction to his "Storeys From the Old Hotel". Alexx Kay submitted a 1986 cite from Gardner Dozois' "The Year's Best Science Fiction: Third Annual Collection". Enoch Forrester submitted a 1985 cite from an article by John C. Bunnell in Dragon Magazine. Jeff Prucher submitted a cite from the revised Nicholls/Clute "Encyclopedia of SF"; Mike Christie verified it in the 1993 edition and also ascertained that it does not appear in a 1981 reprint of the 1979 first edition. Jeff Prucher submitted a 1988 cite from an article by Terri Windling in Windling and Datlow's 1988 "The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror". Dave Langford submitted a 1989 cite from Langford's reviews column in "GamesMaster".
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Citations for shared world n.

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1985 J. C. Bunnell in Dragon Mag. Nov. 32/2 The stories do not truly mesh into a single setting in the distinctive way necessary for Ithkar Fair to qualify as a shared world.
1987 J. C. Bunnell in Dragon Mag. Mar. 79/3 Few of the contributors to Bordertown are established in the shared-world category, and the exceptions, Will Shetterly and Emma Bull, come from the well-crafted Liavek books rather than the cadre of writers which dominates most of the other shared-world series.
1988 T. Windling Summation 1987: Fant. in E. Datlow & T. Windling Year's Best Fant. & Sci. Fict. First Ann. Coll. p. xv, One way of getting around that has been the rise of ‘shared-world’ anthologies, where several writers join together to write stories using a single setting and sharing characters, which readers seem more inclined to pick up than other collections.
1988 G. Wolfe Storeys from Old Hotel Introd. p. 8 The idea was to make up a fictional city-state (Liavek) with its surrounding geography, technology, religions, laws of magic, and so on and so forth, and to persuade a variety of authors to submit stories laid there; compilations of this rather freakish kind are called shared-world anthologies.
1988 Locus Apr. 31/2 Notice of last-minute nominations for Nebulas in the Shared World Series category.
1989 D. Langford in GamesMaster June 82/1 Deal mortal blows to the brain by sending ‘shared world anthologies’ in which many writers set stories in the same fictional ‘universe’.
1990 Thrust Winter 9/3 Given the present tendency toward shared themes and shared worlds, may we imagine a story‥in which Somtow's sophisticated, savage werewolves come up against Card's red prophet?
1992 Locus June 39/3 There you are: the first shared-world anthology conceived and written entirely by Nebula Award winners.
1992 Locus Aug. 28/2 As a rule, shared worlds are to fiction what theme parks are to reality: prefabricated environments.
1993 P. Nicholls & J. Clute Encycl. Sci. Fiction p. xii/2, We have excluded very few sf authors who have solely written books tied to shared-world endeavours (like Star Wars or Star Trek ).