Full record for mindmeld v.

Definition to engage in a mindmeld (with)
OED requirements antedating 1979
Comment Michael Quinion submitted a 1994 cite from an article in "The Guardian". James Birdsall submitted a cite from a 1979 reprint of a Phil Foglio cartoon, in "Startoons". We believe the original appeared in 1976.
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Citations for mindmeld v.

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1985 M. Larson Pawns & Symbols vii.108 Well, if she can't be persuaded, she'll have to be forced. Spock, what about mind-meld?
1988 S. McCrumb Bimbos of Death Sun ii. 20 I'll find him if I have to mind-meld the desk clerk!
1995 D. M. Flinn Fearful Summons 12 No one can mind-meld with a computer.
1996 W. Shatner Return viii. 63, I have mind-melded with the captain.
1998 W. Shatner et al. Spectre vii. 74, I mind-melded with Dr. McCoy.