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space-burned - space science

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Word Cite needed Description
space-burned (adj.) antedating 1946 Richard S. Shaver, "Earth Slaves to Space" tanned to the point of burning from being in space
space bus (n.) antedating 1961 in New Scientist 27 July a spacecraft designed to ferry people and freight short distances
space cadet (n.) antedating 1948 R. Heinlein 'Space Cadet' a trainee spaceman
space capsule (n.) antedating 1954 E. R. James 'Space Capsule' a small spacecraft containing the instruments or crew relating to the purpose of a space flight
space colony (n.) antedating 1932 P. Schuyler Miller, letter a large group of people imagined as living and working in a space station or on another planet
space-conquest (n.) antedating 1942 'Martin Pearson', "The Embassy" the conquest of territory in outer space, in other solar systems or on other planets
spacecraft (n.) antedating 1929 New York Times any vehicle designed to travel in space
space-crew (n.) antedating 1939 Lester del Rey, 'The Luck of Ignatz" the crew of a spacecraft
space-dock (n.) antedating 1938 Raymond Z. Gallun, 'Hotel Cosmos' a dock for space ships
space drive (n.) antedating 1932 John W. Campbell, Jr; 'The Electronic Siege' a mechanism for propelling a spaceship
space elevator (n.) antedating 1975 A. C. Clarke 'Future Space Programs' =orbital tower
space exploration (n.) antedating 1949 'Rene LaFayette' 'Forbidden Voyage' the exploration of space
space explorer (n.) antedating 1936 Astounding Stories an explorer of space
spacefarer (n.) antedating 1941 in Thrilling Wonder Stories one who travels in space
spacefaring (n.) antedating 1942 N. Bond 'The Ballad of Venus Nell' traveling in space
spacefaring (adj.) antedating 1952 A. B. Chandler 'Frontier of the Dark' traveling in space
space fleet (n.) antedating 1934 E.E. Smith, "The Skylark of Valeron" a fleet of spaceships
space flight (n.) antedating 1931 in Wonder Stories January a journey or travel through space
space flyer (n.) antedating 1911 in Mod. Electrics November a spacecraft
space flyer (n.) antedating 1931 in Wonder Stories Feb. a space traveler
space freighter (n.) antedating 1932 Edwin K. Sloat, 'The Space Rover' A spaceship primarily used for transporting cargo.
space-going (adj.) antedating 1944 'Sgt. Gerald Vance', "Double Cross on Mars" space-travelling
space gun (n.) antedating 1932 Ray Cummings, 'Wandl the Invader' a large gun which projects a spacecraft into space, or a hand-held gun whose recoil is used by an astronaut or spaceman to propel himself
space habitat (n.) antedating 1977 a structure in space which has the conditions necessary for humans to liveM
spacehand (n.) antedating 1938 Manly Wade Wellman, 'Men Against the Stars' someone who works or has experience working in space
space helmet (n.) antedating 1931 M. W. Wellman 'The Disc-men of Jupiter' a helmet worn in space to protect the head and provide air
spacehound (n.) antedating 1940 Nelson S. Bond, 'Shall Stay These Couriers . . .'
space journey (n.) antedating 1901 H. G. Wells 'First Men in Moon' a journey in space
space junk (n.) antedating 1960 in New York Times 30 Dec man-made debris floating in space
space lanes (n.) antedating 1932 Neil R. Jones, Spacewrecked on Venus established routes through space
spaceline (n.) antedating 1930 John W. Campbell, Jr., 'The Black Star Passes' a fleet of spaceships that travel regular routes between planets or solar systems
space liner (n.) antedating 1931 Jack Williamson, 'Twelve Hours to Live!' a large space ship which regularly carries passengers
space lock (n.) antedating 1930 John W. Campbell, Jr., 'The Black Star Passes' =airlock
spaceman (n.) antedating 1931 Raymond Z. Gallun, Revolt of the Star Men one who travels in space or comes from another planet
spacemanship (n.) antedating 1934 E. E. Smith, 'Skylark of Valeron' skill or experience in piloting a spacecraft
space navigation (n.) antedating 1931 J. M. Walsh 'Vandals of Void' navigation in space
space navigator (n.) antedating 1930 G. Edwards 'A Rescue from Jupiter' one who navigates a spaceship
space patrol (n.) antedating 1931 Robert Baldwin. LETTER 'Heroes too Heroic?" a military or police force operating in space.
space patrolman (n.) antedating 1942 Wilbur S. Peacock, 'The Thing of Venus' a man who works for the space patrol
space pilot (n.) antedating 1932 John W. Campbell,Jr, 'Invaders From the Infinite' a pilot of a spaceship
space piracy (n.) antedating 1946 George O. Smith, 'The Impossible Pirate' piracy carried out against space vessels
space pirate (n.) antedating 1932 Edwin K. Sloat, 'The Space Rover'
space platform (n.) antedating 1958 =space station
spaceport (n.) antedating 1930 M. Breuer & J. Williamson 'The Birth of a New Republic' a base from which spacecraft are launched; (in fiction) a base at which spaceships take off and land
space probe (n.) antedating 1958 in The Listener 20 Nov an unmanned spacecraft for research or reconnaissance
spacer (n.) antedating 1940 =spaceman
spacer (n.) antedating 1941 'S.D. Gottesman', 'Dead Center' =spaceship
space relay (n.) antedating 1958 in The Listener 4 Dec a point in space such as a moon that can be used as an intermediate base on a journey
space rocket (n.) antedating 1928 in Discovery June a rocket designed to travel beyond the earth's atmosphere
space science (n.) antedating 1953 W. Bolton 'Looking Sideways' the study of outer space
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