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Word Cite needed Description
selenite (n.) antedating 1645 Howell Lett. III. ix. supposed inhabitant of the moon
jump point (n.) antedating 1964 Christopher Anvil, "Bill for Delivery" A special physical location where interstellar jumps are possible
Sol III (n.) antedating 1941 Edward E.Smith,'The Vortex Blaster' the Earth
ramscoop (n.) antedating 1965 Larry Niven 'World of Ptavvs' a (theoretical) space propulsion method using electromagnetic fields to scoop up interstellar material as reaction mass and/or fuel
teleporting (n.) antedating 1949 J. Schmitz 'The Witches of Karres' the action of teleporting
time-traveling (adj.) antedating 1871 Swinburne 'Songs before Sunrise' that travels through time
time-travelling (n.) antedating 1894 H. G. Wells 'The Time Machine' (first magazine appearance) the imagined activity of travelling into the past or future, hypothetical movement through time
time travel (v.) antedating 1941 Ross Rocklynne, 'Time Wants a Skeleton' to travel through time
space cadet (n.) antedating 1948 R. Heinlein 'Space Cadet' a trainee spaceman
nova (v.) antedating 1949 in Robert Heinlein, in "Astounding" transitively: to cause to become a nova; to destroy (a star, planet, etc.). Also intr.: (of a star) to become a nova; (more generally, of a star, planet, etc.) to explode.
nova (v.) antedating 1949 Robert A. Heinlein, Gulf to make something go nova
sublight (adv.) antedating 1966 P. Anderson 'A Sun Invisible' at a speed below light-speed
cyborgisation (n.) antedating 1994 also 'cyborgization'
shapechange (v.) antedating 1988 T. Brooks 'The Wishsong of Shannara' to change shape, by an imagined natural capability, and adopt the form and sometimes abilities of an animal or other being
genetic engineer (n.) antedating 1954 a scientist who works in the field of genetic engineering.
nanorobot (n.) antedating 1990 in Scientific American a nanotechnological robot
timescape (n.) antedating 1980 1977 brand for Pocket Books set of events in time considered notionally as a vista or prospect
hobbit-hole (n.) antedating 1937 J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit a hobbit's house; or a small cozy house
xenology (n.) antedating 1954 1954 R. Heinlein 'The Star Lummox' the scientific study of extraterrestrial phenomena, esp. xenobiology
gyro-bus (n.) antedating 1936 John Beynon (Wyndham), 'Planet Plane' a flying bus
hobbitlike (adj.) any evidence 1964 J.R.R. Tolkien, letter to Naomi Mitchison like a hobbit
matter transporter (n.) any evidence 1987 Suzette Haden Elgin,'The Judas Rose' =matter transmitter
planet-buster (adj.) antedating 1959 F. Herbert 'The Missing Link' capable of destroying a planet
plasteel (n.) antedating 1955 Frank Herbert, 'Under Pressure' a material with some of the characteristics of steel, such as strength, but which is plastic or plastic-based
gyro-cab (n.) any evidence 1947 Jerry Shelton, 'You are forbidden!' a flying taxi
space flyer (n.) antedating 1911 in Mod. Electrics November a spacecraft
space flyer (n.) antedating 1931 in Wonder Stories Feb. a space traveler
spacefarer (n.) antedating 1941 in Thrilling Wonder Stories one who travels in space
saucer (n.) antedating 1947 =flying saucer
nanotechnological (adj.) antedating 1989 in Sunday Times resulting from developments in nanotechnology; of or relating to nanotechnology
zero-g (n.) antedating 1952 1952 A. C. Clarke 'Islands in the Sky' = zero gravity
Lunarian (n.) antedating 1708 an inhabitant of Earth's moon
Martian (adj.) antedating 1873 The Planet Mars: An Essay by a Whewellite
nanotech (adj.) antedating 1987 in Washington Post =nanotechnological
space sick (adj.) antedating 1929 H. Gernsback 'Ralph 124C41+' suffering from spacesickness
robotics (n.) antedating 1941 Isaac Asimov in Astounding Sci. Fiction May
positronic (adj.) antedating 1941 I. Asimov 'Reason' related to or designed to use positrons
shapeshift (v.) antedating 1986 S. Dexter 'The Mountains of Channadran' to change shape, by an imagined natural capability, and adopt the form and sometimes abilities of an animal or other being
mindmeld (v.) antedating 1979 to engage in a mindmeld (with)
outer space (n.) antedating 1842 E. S. Wortley 'Maiden of Moscow' the region of space beyond the earth's atmosphere or beyond the solar system. In extended use: a place or region beyond the usual limits of awareness or accessibility
gyro (n.) antedating 1936 a flying machine (from "autogiro")
inner space (n.) antedating 1958 the human mind (as a metaphorical contrat to "outer space")
astrogation (n.) antedating 1931 D. Lasser, Conquest of Space the act of navigation in space
bionic (adj.) antedating 1963 IEEE Trans, Military Electronics of or pertaining to bionics; having or being an artificial, esp. electromechanical, device that replaces part of the body; having ordinary human capabilities increased (as if) by the aid of such devices.
dirtside (adj.) antedating 1953 Heinlein, "Starman Jones" on the surface of a planet (as opposed to in space)
earthrise (n.) antedating 1891 Philip Burne-Jones, "Earth-rise from the Moon" (painting title) The rising of earth above the horizon, as seen from another planet.
space gun (n.) antedating 1932 Ray Cummings, 'Wandl the Invader' a large gun which projects a spacecraft into space, or a hand-held gun whose recoil is used by an astronaut or spaceman to propel himself
robo- (n.) antedating 1945 A.E. van Vogt, "World of Null-A" combining form of robot(ic)
threedee (n.) antedating 1955 "Milton Lesser", 'The Dictator' a device capable of transmitting or displaying a three dimensional image
nightside (adj.) any evidence 1935 Stanley G. Weinbaum, The Lotus Eaters pertaining to that part of an astronomical body facing away from the Sun.
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