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unsuit - zero-gravity

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Word Cite needed Description
unsuit (v.) antedating 1964 P. J. Farmer 'Tongues of the Moon' to remove a spacesuit
unsuited (adj.) antedating 1966 F. Herbert 'Destination Void' not wearing a spacesuit
uplift (n.) antedating 1980 David Brin 'Sundiver' the act or process of uplifting a species
uplift (v.) antedating 1980 D. Brin 'Sundiver' to engineer a species (usually genetically) to make them intelligent
uplifter (n.) any evidence 2007 John Scalzi, "The Ghost Brigades" one who carries out uplift
uplifting (n.) antedating 1989 D. Brin 'Sundiver' the act or process of uplifting a species
vacsuit (n.) antedating 1942 L. Brackett 'Child of the Sun' a vacuum suit; a space suit
vacsuited (adj.) antedating 1994 D. Weber 'On Basilisk Station' wearing a vacuum suit
vacuum suit (n.) antedating 1930 E. E. Smith, "Skylark Three" a spacesuit
vacuum-suited (adj.) antedating 1947 R. Abernathy 'Failure on Titan' wearing a vacuum suit
vessel (n.) antedating 1900 G. Griffiths 'A Honeymoon in Space' a spaceship
vibroblade (n.) antedating 1940 R. A. Heinlein 'If This Goes On--' a fictitious weapon/tool: a knife with a blade which vibrates rapidly to increase its ability to cut
vibroknife (n.) antedating 1973 Alan Dean Foster, 'Bloodhype' =vibroblade also "vibraknife"
videophone (n.) antedating 1945 A. E. van Vogt 'World of Null-A' a telephone incorporating a television screen on which the other person may be seen speaking
videophone (v.) antedating 1951 C. L. Moore 'No Woman Born' to call or speak to someone via videophone
videophonic (adj.) antedating 1949 1949 A. E. van Vogt 'The Players of Null-A' related to videophones or their use
vidscreen (n.) antedating 1953 1953 P. K. Dick 'Impostor' a screen capable of displaying a visual image
viewphone (n.) antedating 1932 Raymond Z. Gallun, Revolt of the Star Men a telephone that allows caller and receiver to see one another = videophone
viewplate (n.) antedating 1928 Philip Francis Nowlan, "Armageddon 2419 A.D."
viewport (n.) antedating 1942 Martin Pearson (Donald A. Wollheim), 'The Key to the Dark Planet' a window in a spacecraft or in the conning tower of an oil rig
viewscreen (n.) antedating 1932 John W. Campbell Jr., "Invaders From the Infinite" a television or similar display screen for viewing images
vision plate (n.) antedating 1932 H. G. Winter, "Seed of the Arctic Ice" = a viewscreen
visiphone (n.) antedating 1934 1934, E. E. Smith 'Triplanetary' = videophone
visiphone (v.) antedating 1940 L. del Rey, 'The Stars Look Down' to use a visiphone to call or speak to someone
visiplate (n.) antedating 1930 E.E. 'Doc' Smith, 'Skylark Three' a screen capable of displaying a visual image
visiscreen (n.) antedating 1937 Arthur Leo Zagat, 'The Cavern of the Shining Pool' a screen capable of displaying a visual image
waldo (n.) antedating 1942 Robert A. Heinlein, 'Waldo' A device for handling or manipulating objects by remote control.
warp (n.) antedating 1936 1936 Astounding Stories June space warp
warp (v.) antedating 1946 1946 F. Brown in Astounding Science Fiction May to travel through space by way of a space warp
warp drive (n.) antedating 1950 "Amazing Adventures" A fictitious device by which a spaceship is enabled to travel through space by means of a space warp
warp speed (n.) antedating 1977 1977 S. Marshak and M. Culbreath 'The Price of the Phoenix' a (hypothetical) faster-than-light speed, attained by a spaceship with a propulsion mechanism capable of manipulating space-time; (also, in extended use) an extraordinarily high speed.
webcast (n.) antedating 1987 1987 D. K. Moran 'The Armageddon Rag' A live broadcast transmitted over the Internet
worldlet (n.) antedating 1926 1926 Spectator 11 Sept. little world; planetoid
worm (n.) antedating 1975 1975 J. Brunner 'Shockwave Rider' A program designed to sabotage a computer or computer network; spec. a self-duplicating program which can operate without becoming incorporated into another program.
wormhole (n.) antedating 1957 1957 Misner and Wheeler in 'Ann. Physics II' a hypothetical interconnection between widely separated regions of space-time
xenoanthropology (n.) antedating 1994 S. Hawke, 'Patrian Transgression' the study of extraterrestrial cultures
xenobiological (adj.) any evidence 1973 Alan Dean Foster, 'Bloodhype' of, or relating to, xenobiology
xenobiologically (adv.) any evidence 1958 in F&SF
xenobiologist (n.) antedating 1954 1954 R. Heinlein 'The Star Lummox' one who studies xenobiology
xenobiology (n.) antedating 1954 1954 R. Heinlein 'The Star Lummox' the investigation of extraterrestrial life forms
xenolinguist (n.) any evidence 1988 Sheila Finch, 'Berlitz in Outer Space: How Alien Communication Just Might Work' one who studies alien languages
xenological (adj.) antedating 1950 1950 L. S. de Camp 'The Hand of Zei' of, or relating to, xenology
xenologist (n.) antedating 1949 1949 L. S. de Camp 'The Animal-Cracker Plot' one who studies xenology
xenology (n.) antedating 1954 1954 R. Heinlein 'The Star Lummox' the scientific study of extraterrestrial phenomena, esp. xenobiology
zap gun (n.) antedating 1954 P.W Cutler, 'Reconnaissance' A ray gun
zero-g (n.) antedating 1952 1952 A. C. Clarke 'Islands in the Sky' = zero gravity
zero-gravity (n.) antedating 1938 1938 J. Binder 'If Science Reached The Earth's Core' the state or condition in which there is no apparent force of gravity acting on a body, either because the force is locally weak, or because both the body and its surroundings are freely and equally accelerating under the force
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