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COA (n.) antedating 1961 W. Breen 'Fanac' notification of a change of address
filk song (n.) antedating 1953 K. Anderson 'The Zed' a song in the filk style
fuggheadedness (n.) antedating 1950 in 'Spacewarp #42' the quality of being stupid or incompetent
neofan (n.) antedating 1950 Lee Hoffman, 'Chaos' a newly recruited or newly active fan
filk sing (n.) antedating 1972 in 'The Boskone 9 Filk-Song Book' a session or event of filk singing
filking (n.) antedating 1987 San Francisco Chron. (Electronic ed.) 5 May among science fiction and fantasy fans: the writing or performing of filk songs.
filksinging (n.) antedating 1965 K. K. Anderson in 'West by One & by One' the singing of filk songs
unfannish (adj.) antedating 1958 R. M. Holland 'Ghu's Lexicon' failing to be fannish; not having the attributes of a dedicated or obsessive fan
loc (n.) antedating 1961 W. Breen, in Fanac abbreviation for 'letter of comment'
croggle (v.) antedating 1959 R. Eney 'Fancyclopedia II' to astonish, bewilder, baffle
filk (v.) antedating 1991 L. Niven et al. 'Falllen Angels' among science fiction and fantasy fans: to write or perform filk songs.
science fictioneer (n.) antedating 1940 in 'Thrilling Wonder' a writer or connoisseur of science fiction
trufandom (n.) antedating 1955 D. Knight in 'Hyphen'
fangirl (n.) antedating 1934 A.P. Herbert, "Holy Deadlock" a female fan (chiefly of comics, film, music, or science fiction), esp. an obsessive one.
stfcon (n.) antedating 1952 A. Budrys in 'Planet Stories' a science fiction fan convention
BNF (n.) antedating 1950 L. Hoffman 'Chaos' someone who is prominent within a particular fandom (often science fiction)
congoing (n.) antedating 1959 R. Eney 'Fancyclopedia II' attendance at (usually science fiction) conventions
completism (n.) any evidence 1944 'J. Bristol' Fancyclopedia the desire to have or collect a complete set of something
slan (n.) antedating 1940 A. E. van Vogt 'Slan' a mutated human with extraordinary powers; used by science fiction fans to refer to themselves with reference to their supposed higher intelligence
apa (n.) antedating 1950 R. Lowndes 'Custodian's Benefit' an organization of (often science fiction) fans that publishes a periodical containing works by most or all of the members
croggled (adj.) antedating 1962 D. Franson, 'Key to Terminology of S-F Fandom' astonished, baffled, bewildered
gamer (n.) antedating 1973 Jim Dunnigan, "Outgoing Mail" a participant in a war-game or role-playing game; a player or creator of such games
zap gun (n.) antedating 1954 P.W Cutler, 'Reconnaissance' A ray gun
concrud (n.) any evidence falling ill (usually with a cold) at or shortly after attending an SF convention.
retcon (n.) any evidence retrospective (or retroactive) continuity
FF (n.) any evidence abbrev. for fan fiction
trufen (n.) antedating 1977 Susan Wood, 'Propellor Beanie' plural form of trufan used within science fiction fandom
conrunner (n.) any evidence 1984 'Conrunner', Ian Sorensen one who organizes (usually science fiction) conventions
conrunning (n.) any evidence organizing (usually science fiction) conventions
ob (n.) antedating 1991 a prefix denoting 'obligatory or expected reference to' a topic
filk (n.) antedating 1955 K. Anderson 'The Zed' among science fiction and fantasy fans: a type of popular music, commonly performed at fan conventions, characterized by the use of familiar or traditional songs whose lyrics have been rewritten or parodied (usually on themes drawn from science fiction or
filk singer (n.) antedating 1983 R. Rose 'A Filker's Dictionary' one who sings filk songs
K/S (n.) antedating 1978 in 'Obsc'zine' a subgenre of science fiction, originally published in fanzines and now esp. online, in which the Star Trek characters Kirk and Spock are portrayed as having a homosexual relationship; (later) any similar fiction in which a pair of (established) male characters is so portrayed
tanstaafl (n.) antedating 1966 R. Heinlein 'The Moon is a Harsh Mistress' interjection asserting that there is a cost, hidden or otherwise to everything
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