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Word Cite needed Description
viewport (n.) antedating 1942 Martin Pearson (Donald A. Wollheim), 'The Key to the Dark Planet' a window in a spacecraft or in the conning tower of an oil rig
gee (n.) antedating 1951 Poul Anderson, "Tiger by the Tail," in Planet Stories an Earth-standard acceleration
group mind (n.) antedating 1931 Olaf Stapledon, "Last and First Men" A collective intelligence composed of individual intelligences combined into a larger whole.
suit up (v.) antedating 1951 Robert A. Heinlein, "The Black Pits of Luna" to put on a spacesuit
sapient (n.) antedating 1968 P. J. Farmer "The Day of Timestop" an intelligent alien
parking orbit (n.) antedating 1953 Robert A. Heinlein, 'Starman Jones' an orbit around the earth or some other planet from which a space vehicle can be launched farther into space; also, an orbit which is stable and from which visits to the planet surface can conveniently be made
Jovian (adj.) antedating 1794 G. Adams in Nat. & Exp. Philos. of Jupiter
tri-di (n.) antedating 1950 J. Blish 'Earthman, Come Home' a device capable of transmitting or displaying a three dimensional image
trideo (n.) antedating 1953 James E. Gunn, "Breaking Point" a device capable of transmitting or displaying a three dimensional image
tri-vid (n.) antedating 1955 W. Sheldon 'Your Time is Up' a device capable of transmitting or displaying a three dimensional image
spacing (n.) antedating 1972 D. Gerrold 'Starhunt' the action of spacing someone: e.g. 'the penalty is death by spacing'
offworld (adv.) antedating 1943 C.L. Moore, 'Judgment Night' away from earth, or any place treated within a given fictional context as the native world; on or towards another world or planet
pocket universe (n.) antedating 1946 'M. Leinster' 'Pocket Universes' a universe or reality completely separate from ours which is much smaller, may have different natural laws, and may be artificially created
suited (adj.) antedating 1938 A. K. Barnes 'Satellite Five' wearing a spacesuit
precog (n.) antedating 1954 P. K. Dick 'A World of Talent' a person with precognitive abilities
shapechange (n.) antedating 1965 Fritz Leiber, 'Monster Lovers' (editorial) an act or instance of shape-changing
earth-type (adj.) antedating 1941 Jack Williamson, 'Son of Two Worlds' being of Earth style or manufacture
terraformed (adj.) antedating 1942 Jack Williamson, "Minus Sign" Of an environment or planet transformed by terraforming
nonhumanoid (n.) any evidence 1954 James Blish, "Beep" an alien with a non-human bodily form.
ion drive (n.) antedating 1947 Jack Williamson, The Equalizer a spacecraft propulsion system that uses electrically accelerated ions.
force-screen (n.) antedating 1939 Frank Belknap Long, The Dweller in Outer Darkness force field
inhuman (adj.) antedating 1930 Edward E. Smith, 'Skylark Three' not human; alien
transhuman (adj.) antedating 1967 R. Silverberg 'Those Who Watch' having the qualities or characteristics of transhumans
shuttle (n.) antedating 1950 in Theodore Sturgeon's "The Stars are the Styx" a space shuttle
energy gun (n.) any evidence 1941 A.E. van Vogt, The Seesaw a weapon firing a beam of energy =ray gun
homo superior (n.) antedating 1935 Olaf Stapledon, "Odd John" the hypothetical superior successor species to homo sapiens.
heat ray (n.) antedating 1898 H. G. Wells, 'War of the Worlds'
cloaking device (n.) antedating 1971 James Blish, 'StarTrek 1' a device for rendering something invisible or undetectable.
core (n.) antedating 1966 Larry Niven, 'At The Core' the center of the galaxy; the word is frequently capitalized, "the Core" in this usage.
deflector (n.) antedating 1945 'Murray Leinster', First Contact
earther (n.) antedating 1952 C.M. Kornbluth, "Make Mine Mars" an inhabitant of Earth
planet-bound (adj.) any evidence headed toward a planet
planet-bound (adj.) antedating 1946 Rog Phillips, 'Battle of the Gods' unable or unwilling to leave a planet
launching laser (n.) any evidence 1971 Larry Niven, 'The Fourth Profession' a high-powered laser used for the launching of spacecraft, either by vaporizing propellent at the rear of the craft, or by radiation pressure on a light sail
space patrol (n.) antedating 1931 Robert Baldwin. LETTER 'Heroes too Heroic?" a military or police force operating in space.
solar sail (n.) antedating 1960 Aeroplane XCIX a surface designed to utilize the pressure of solar radiation to provide the propulsive force for a spacecraft to which it is attached
space liner (n.) antedating 1931 Jack Williamson, 'Twelve Hours to Live!' a large space ship which regularly carries passengers
space drive (n.) antedating 1932 John W. Campbell, Jr; 'The Electronic Siege' a mechanism for propelling a spaceship
Earth-normal (adj.) antedating 1932 John W. Campbell, Jr., 'The Electronic Siege' as normally found on earth, such as gravity or atmosphere
space (v.) any evidence 1947 B. I. Kahn 'Command' to go out into space
time track (n.) antedating 1942 M. Jameson 'Anachron, Inc.' =timeline
chronoscope (n.) any evidence 1936 'Don A. Stuart', 'Elimination' a device for viewing events in the past or future
laser cannon (n.) antedating 1966 Larry Niven in If a large weapon similar in size to a cannon that fires a laser
space tug (n.) antedating 1942 E. F. Russell 'Describe A Circle' a spacecraft designed to move other vessels or tug heavy freight
space-borne (adj.) antedating 1950 J. D. MacDonald 'Shadow on the Sand' carried through space; also, carried out in space or by means of instruments in space
space fleet (n.) antedating 1934 E.E. Smith, "The Skylark of Valeron" a fleet of spaceships
anti-gravitation (n.) antedating 1930 T. Wolf, Can Man Free Himself From Gravity a hypothetical force opposed to gravity
shapeshifting (n.) antedating 1884 A. Lang in M. Hunt Grimm's Household Tales I. the practice or act of changing shape to adopt the form or another animal or human
shapeshifting (adj.) antedating 1895 A. Nutt in Kuno Meyer Voy. Bran I. pertaining to shapeshifting
vessel (n.) antedating 1900 G. Griffiths 'A Honeymoon in Space' a spaceship
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