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kiloday - multisystem

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Word Cite needed Description
kiloday (n.) antedating 1945 John W. Campbell, magazine editorial one thousand days
kiloyear (n.) antedating 1945 one thousand years
laser cannon (n.) antedating 1966 Larry Niven in If a large weapon similar in size to a cannon that fires a laser
laser gun (n.) antedating 1961 a weapon that fires a laser
laser pistol (n.) antedating 1963 Fred Saberhagen, "Goodlife" a hand weapon of similar size to a pistol that fires a laser
laser rifle (n.) antedating 1966 Poul Anderson, Door to Anywhere a weapon similar in size to a rifle that fires a laser
launching laser (n.) any evidence 1971 Larry Niven, 'The Fourth Profession' a high-powered laser used for the launching of spacecraft, either by vaporizing propellent at the rear of the craft, or by radiation pressure on a light sail
lifeship (n.) antedating 1940 a spaceship designed or used as a lifeboat; an emergency spaceship
light-century (n.) antedating 1922 Harlow Shapley, "On the Significance of Recent Astronomical Discovery" the distance light travels in 100 years
light-day (n.) antedating 1943 A.E. van Vogt, "Concealment" the distance light travels in 24 hours
light-hour (n.) antedating 1920 Eliot Q. Adams, "A More Nearly Rational System of Units" the distance light travels in one hour
light-minute (n.) antedating 1945 in Isaac Asimov's "The Mule" the distance light travels in one minute
light-month (n.) antedating 1952 in Theodore R. Cogswell's "The Specter General" the distance light travels in one month
light sail (n.) antedating 1963 Cordwainer Smith: Think Blue, Count Two A spacecraft propulsion system using a vast reflective sail to harness the radiation pressure of light.
light-second (n.) antedating 1915 W.T. Bovie, "The Action of Light on Protoplasm" the distance light travels in one second
lightspeed (n.) antedating 1912 anonymous, in Frederick (Maryland) Post , 'Measuring light speed' the speed of light
light-speed (n.) any evidence 1932 John W. Campbell, "Invaders From the Infinite" the speed of light as a unit of velocity; e.g. "the ships that ply between them at thirty light-speeds seem merely to creep."
light-week (n.) antedating 1934 E.E. Smith, 'Skylark of Valeron' the distance light travels in one week
light-year (n.) antedating 1888 in Athenaeum the distance light travels in one year
little green man (n.) antedating 1946 an imaginary inhabitant of outer space; an imaginary person of peculiar appearance
lock (n.) antedating 1928 in E. E. 'Doc' Smith's Skylark of Space = airlock
lunarscape (n.) antedating 1946 Bernard I. Kahn, 'For The Public' a landscape on the moon
mag- (n.) antedating 1943 Ray Bradbury, 'King of The Gray Spaces' a prefix indicating magnetism; e.g. mag-boots
mass-driver (n.) antedating 1975 G. K. O'Neill, Future Space Programs an electromagnetically driven launching system, proposed as a method of propelling objects into space or over long distances
matrix (n.) antedating 1976 = cyberspace
matter transmission (n.) antedating 1931 J. Schlossel, "Extra-Galactic Invaders" the transportation of material objects by a (hypothetical) process analogous to radio transmission
matter transmitter (n.) antedating 1931 L. F. Stone, in Wonder Stories a device for matter transmission
matter-transmitting (adj.) antedating 1932 Jack Williamson, 'The Moon Era' of or relating to matter transmission
matter transporter (n.) any evidence 1987 Suzette Haden Elgin,'The Judas Rose' =matter transmitter
megayear (n.) any evidence 1935 John W. Campbell, Jr. 'Night' a million years
metaverse (n.) antedating 1992 Neil Stephenson, Snow Crash a computer-generated environment within which users can interact with one another and their surroundings, a virtual world = cyberspace
meteor storm (n.) antedating 1872 Richard Proctor, "Meteors and Shooting-stars" a particularly intense meteor shower, esp. occurring when the earth intercepts a meteor stream soon after the originating comet has passed
micro book (n.) antedating 1943 'A. Boucher' 'One-Way Trip' a book reproduced at a reduced size by the use of microphotography or microprinting
mind control (n.) antedating 1940 Neil R. Jones, Cat-men of Aemt the ability to control another person's thoughts or actions telepathically
mindfood (n.) antedating 1986 R. Pelton 'Mind Food and Smart Pills' a substance taken as food or drink containing chemicals which increase one's mental ability
mindlink (n.) antedating 1970 Keith Laumer, 'The House in November' a telepathic meeting of minds; also in extended use; cf. mind-meld.
mindmeld (n.) antedating 1968 Star Trek a (supposed) technique for the psychic fusion of two or more minds, permitting unrestricted communication or deep understanding; the act or an instance of doing this
mindmeld (v.) antedating 1979 to engage in a mindmeld (with)
mindmelding (n.) antedating 1968 the action of a mindmeld
moon base (n.) antedating 1947 Bryce Walton, Assignment in the Dawn a base on the Moon
moon flight (n.) antedating 1942 Carol Grey (Robert Lowndes), "The Leapers" flight to the Moon
moon rocket (n.) antedating 1921 Scientific American, That Moon-Rocket Proposition a rocket intended to travel to the Moon
moonship (n.) antedating 1931 Wonder Stories, The Murders on the Moon-Ship a spacecraft for going to the moon
morph (n.) antedating 1990 C. W. McCubbin 'GURPS Aliens' a changed bodily form
morph (v.) antedating 1991 Terminator 2: The Book of the Film to change shape or form, in the manner of a shapeshifter
morph (v.) antedating 1998 B. Hambly 'Planet of Twilight' to change the shape or form of part of something
morphed (adj.) antedating 2001 K. A. Applegate 'Animorphs: The Sacrifice' something that has morphed or has been morphed
morphing (n.) antedating 1990 C. W. McCubbin 'GURPS Aliens' the action or process that occurs when something morphs
mother ship (n.) antedating 1930 John W. Campbell Jr., 'The Black Star Passes' a space craft escorting or having charge of a number of other, usually smaller, craft; one from which other craft are launched or controlled. Frequently with reference to alien craft.
multisystem (adj.) antedating 1997 Patricia L. Pereira, 'Eagles of the New Dawn' of or involving more than one star system
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