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Word Cite needed Description
matter transmission (n.) antedating 1931 J. Schlossel, "Extra-Galactic Invaders" the transportation of material objects by a (hypothetical) process analogous to radio transmission
hyperdrive (n.) antedating 1949 Startling Stories a spaceship drive that enables travel faster than the speed of light.
jump (v.) antedating 1952 Isaac Asimov, "The Currents of Space" to journey through hyperspace; to engage in any instantaneous (long-distance) travel
mindlink (n.) antedating 1970 Keith Laumer, 'The House in November' a telepathic meeting of minds; also in extended use; cf. mind-meld.
gravitically (adv.) antedating 1982 in a way that uses or is explained by gravitics
mutant (n.) antedating 1938 Spencer Lane, 'Niedbalski's Mutant' a human imagined as having arisen by genetic mutation, esp. one with freakish or grossly abnormal anatomy, abilities, etc.
off-world (n.) antedating 1987 a place away from earth, or a particular planet or world regarded as the native world; another world or planet
overdrive (n.) antedating 1945 'M. Leinster' 'First Contact' = hyperdrive
pressor beam (n.) antedating 1931 a device that emits a beam that causes the target to be impelled away from the source of the beam; also the beam itself
psionics (n.) antedating 1951 J. Williamson 'The Greatest Invention' (the study of) the paranormal
raise (v.) antedating 1941 F.H.Hardart, 'The Beast of Space' (of a spaceship) to lift off a planet
Uranian (n.) antedating 1870 Proctor 'Other Worlds Than Ours' an inhabitant of Uranus
astrobiology (n.) antedating 1941 Astronomical Society of the Pacific leaflet #143 a branch of biology concerned with the discovery or study of life on the celestial bodies
UFO (n.) antedating 1953 D. E. Keyhoe in 'Air Line Pilot' Oct. an unidentified flying object; a ‘flying saucer’
spaceworthy (adj.) antedating 1931 E. E. Smith 'Spacehounds of IPC' fit for space travel
Venusian (adj.) antedating 1874 A. Blair 'Annals 29th Century' pertaining to Venus
Tellurian (n.) antedating 1930 E.E. 'Doc' Smith, 'Skylark Three' an inhabitant of Earth
Tellurian (adj.) antedating 1930 Gawain Edwards, "A Rescue From Jupiter" relating to Earth
Tellus (n.) antedating 1930 G. Edwards 'A Rescue From Jupiter' the planet Earth
null-g (n.) antedating 1953 Oliver Saari, "The Space Man" including 'null gee', 'null g', 'null-gee' etc.
Jovian (n.) antedating 1873 R. Payne Smith, 'Science and Revelation' a (presumed) inhabitant of the planet Jupiter
cryogenics (n.) antedating 1937 the science of low temperatures (originally the science of creating low temperatures)
space habitat (n.) antedating 1977 a structure in space which has the conditions necessary for humans to liveM
space station (n.) antedating 1929 W. Ley in C. Ryan 'Across Space Frontier' a large artificial satellite used as a base for operations in space
mother ship (n.) antedating 1930 John W. Campbell Jr., 'The Black Star Passes' a space craft escorting or having charge of a number of other, usually smaller, craft; one from which other craft are launched or controlled. Frequently with reference to alien craft.
flying saucer (n.) antedating 1947 the fanciful name given to various unidentified disc- or saucer-shaped objects reported as appearing in the sky;
space colony (n.) antedating 1932 P. Schuyler Miller, letter a large group of people imagined as living and working in a space station or on another planet
space-suited (adj.) antedating 1934 E.E. Smith, 'Triplanetary' wearing a space-suit
sophont (n.) antedating 1967 P. Anderson 'The Trouble Twisters' an intelligent being, including humans as well as intelligent aliens
space alien (n.) antedating 1954 J. J. Ferrat 'Reel Life Films' =alien
time traveller (n.) antedating 1894 H.G. Wells' 'The Time Machine' (first magazine appearance) one who travels through time
droid (n.) antedating 1952 Abbreviation for "android", but also used generically for a robot
warp (n.) antedating 1936 1936 Astounding Stories June space warp
atomics (n.) antedating 1919 the science of atoms and atomic energy
eetee (n.) antedating 1956 Robert A. Heinlein, Double Star = ET
Belter (n.) antedating 1966 Larry Niven, 'The Warriors' one who is born/lives in an asteroid belt
gravitics (n.) antedating 1944 Malcolm Jameson, Tricky Tonnage the science of manipulating gravity
stasis field (n.) antedating 1942 R. Heinlein 'Beyond This Horizon' a device which halts all change or activity in a given volume; also, the volume under such stasis
skimmer (n.) antedating 1949 W. Bade 'Lost Ulysses' a small aircraft designed or typically used for low altitude flight
jump drive (n.) antedating 1963 Harry Harrison, 'The Ethical Engineer' a spacecraft drive that enables a ship to journey through hyperspace or to engage in any instantaneous (long-distance) travel
Venerian (n.) antedating 1948 R. A. Heinlein 'Space Cadet' the language of Venusians
lifeship (n.) antedating 1940 a spaceship designed or used as a lifeboat; an emergency spaceship
Venerian (n.) antedating 1930 O. Stapledon 'Last and First Men' an inhabitant of Venus
genetically engineered (adj.) antedating 1973 produced by the process of genetic engineering.
Venerian (adj.) antedating 1930 J. W. Campbell 'Solarite' pertaining to Venus or Venusians
contraterrene (adj.) antedating 1941 R. S. Richardson in 'Astounding' opposite to terrestrial in character; used sometimes as a term for antimatter.
somewhen (n.) antedating 1941 R. Heinlein 'Elsewhen' with regard to time travel, at an unknown time
worm (n.) antedating 1975 1975 J. Brunner 'Shockwave Rider' A program designed to sabotage a computer or computer network; spec. a self-duplicating program which can operate without becoming incorporated into another program.
artificial intelligence (n.) antedating 1956 Marvin Minsky, ' Heuristic Aspects of Artificial Intelligence Probl. ' The design and study of computer programs intended to show intelligent behaviour
teleport (v.) antedating 1932 C. Fort 'Wild Talents' to convey oneself or some thing by teleportation
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