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Definition =needle-beam
OED requirements antedating 1934
Earliest cite E.E. Smith, 'The Skylark of Valeron'
Comment Stuart Gale submitted a cite from E.E. Smith's "Galactic Patrol"; Mike Christie verified the cite in the 1937 first magazine appearance. Douglas Winston submitted a 1973 cite from Alan Dean Foster's "Bloodhype". Mike Christie submitted a 1943 cite from Eric Frank Russell's "Symbiotica". Fred Galvin submitted a 1953 cite from George O. Smith's "Stop, Look, and Dig". Fred Galvin submitted a cite from a 1984 reprint of E.E. Smith's "The Skylark of Valeron", which Mike Christie verified in the 1934 first publication.

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Citations for needle-ray n.

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1934 Astounding Stories Aug. 22/2 He spun a couple of wheels briefly, pressed a switch, and from the Violet's heaviest needle-ray projector there flashed out against the prow of the scout patrol a pencil of incredibly condensed destruction.
1937 E. E. Smith in Astounding Stories Sept. 23/1 ‘Needlers, fire at will!’barked Kinnison, and even that feeble resistance was ended. Keen-eyed needle-ray men, working at spy-ray visiplates, bored hole after hole into the captive, seeking out and destroying the control-panels of the remaining beams and screens.
1943 E. F. Russell Symbiotica in Astounding Sci. Fiction Oct. 158/1 A needle-ray spurted from behind me, lanced dangerously close to my helmet, and burned a bush.
1953 G. O. Smith Stop, Look and Dig in Space Sci. Fiction Mar. 57/1 I came back with one of his needle-rays and burned the contents of the safe to a black char. I stirred up the ashes with the nose of the needler and then left it in the safe after wiping it clean on my handkerchief.
1973 A. D. Foster Bloodhype 52 The minute the monster had breached the first door and flowed for them, one biologist shot his companion and then turned the little needle-ray on himself.