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Definition a spaceship that makes interstellar jumps.
OED requirements antedating 1957
Earliest cite 'Rose Sharon', "The Lady Was a Tramp"
Comment Douglas Winston submitted a 1982 cite from C.J. Cherryh's "Merchanter's Luck".
Douglas Winston submitted a 1998 cite from Lois McMaster Bujold's "Komarr".
Douglas Winston submitted a 1988 cite from L.E. Modesitt, Jr.'s "In Endless Twilight".
Ralf Brown located and Richard Horton submitted a 1987 cite from Lois McMaster Bujold's "Falling Free".
Ralf Brown located and Steven Silver submitted a 1991 cite from George Zebrowski's "Stranger Suns".
Fred Galvin submitted a 1957 cite for the form "jump-ship" from "The Lady Was a Tramp" by Rose Sharon (pseudonym of Judith Merril)
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1957 ‘R. Sharon’ The ‘Lady’ was a Tramp in Venture Sci. Fiction Mag. Mar. 45/1 On a Navy transport, a full Lieutenant IBMan would be in charge of SolNav only, with two petty officers under him, both qualified to handle maintenance, and one at least with a Navy rating, capable of relieving him on duty at the control board during the five or twelve or twenty hours it might take to navigate a jump-ship in or out of the obstacle course of clutter and junk and planets and orbits of any given System.
1957 ‘R. Sharon’ The ‘Lady’ was a Tramp in Venture Sci. Fiction Mag. Mar. 51/1 Like every jump-ship, the Lady was Navy built, equipped, and staffed.
1981 C. J. Cherryh Pride of Chanur (1991) ii. 24 Those masses by which The Pride or any other jumpship steered; and on the other sides were kif regions.
1982 ‘C. J. Cherryh’ Merchanter's Luck 13 His indignation won him at least a momentary lift of her hand and deprecation of the question she had asked, because a jumpship was far and away a different class of operation from the insystem haulers and miners.
1987 Analog Sci. Fiction/Sci. Fact Dec. 52/2 I think he's uncomfortable because on my Jumpship, I'd outrank him.
1988 L. E. Modesitt, Jr. In Endless Twilight 72 Diminishing returns? A jumpship is certainly an example of diminishing returns for a small system. But I wouldn't advocate doing away with them.
1988 Analog Sci. Fiction/Sci. Fact Jan. 124/2 ‘I don't think even Ti could mistake a company Jump ship crew for the Black League of Eridani,’ said Silver.
1991 G. Zebrowski Stranger Suns 130 The first jump ships needed even more energy, but they gave the alien engineers the capacity to enter otherspace, and hence to invade the cores of suns and harness their power, transmitting along foreshortened lines to ships which could now go anywhere and never lack for fuel.
1994 B. Hambly Crossroad x. 132 A Fleet jumpship could have materialized inside the buoy ring.
1995 A. Thomson Color of Distance (1999) viii. 89 A Jump ship retrieved the crew about ten years ago.
1998 L. M. Bujold Komarr 102 We went on a jumpship, to come here. It was a Vorsmythe Dolphin-class 776 with quadruple-vortex out-board control nacelles and dual norm-space thrusters and a crew of twelve.
2007 D. Marusek Counting Heads 242 In three months, the brave jump pilots seated behind me will begin to ferry colonists down to the surface. Naturally, everyone wants to be on the first historic landing. Who those lucky people will be depends upon the launch order of the jumpships.