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Definition a song in the filk style
OED requirements antedating 1953
Earliest cite K. Anderson 'The Zed'
Comment Lee Gold submitted a 1983 cite from Rob Rose's "A Filker's Dictionary".
Paul Rubin sent in this URL: http://www.nightsong.com/filk/twippledop/, This page includes a scan, supplied by Lee Gold, of a page from the December 1953 mailing of the Spectator Amateur Press Society, which contains a song by Poul Anderson, with the heading "Barbarous Allan. A Filk Song"

Added to the OED in March 2002. Earliest cite in the OED: 1959.

Last modified 30 July, 2019

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1955 Zed June The origin of the term ‘filk song’ is probably better known to most of you than it is to me; but for the benefit of johnnies-come-lately, I will repeat it. It was a typographical error in, or in correspondence about (this is not clear), Lee Jacobs' ‘The Influence of Science Fiction on Modern American Folk Music’. The term was tossed around in SAPS for awhile, then dropped but gleefully caught by Karen Anderson.
1955 Zed June The blame/credit (choose one) for the first filk song is a little dubious. Like the man who tried to sit on two stools, it falls in the middle, between Poul Anderson who wrote a filk song called Barbarous Allen and Karen Anderson who egged him on and published it in Zed #774.