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Definition to make a hole in the hull of a spaceship (usu. in passive)
OED requirements antedating 1942
Comment Michael Dolbear submitted a 1995 cite from Elizabeth Moon's "Winning Colors". Mike Christie submitted a 1948 cite from Rene Lafayette's "The Great Air Monopoly". Mike Christie submitted a 1942 cite from L.Ron Hubbard's "Space Can". Fred Galvin submitted a cite from a 1987 reprint of Keith Laumer and Rosel George Brown's "Earthblood", which Mike Christie verified in its 1966 first publication.. Jeff Prucher submitted a cite from a 2002 reprint of Keith Laumer's 1965 "Retief's War". Irene Grumman submitted a cite from a 1972 reprint of Poul Anderson's "Escape From Orbit", which Mike Christie located in the 1962 original publication.
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1942 L. R. Hubbard Space Can in Astounding Sci. Fiction July 73/2 A small amount of Ensign Gates' placidity left his face. They were being severely knocked about by a vessel which had a longer range and a faster steering system, which was landing four hits to their two. ‘Hulled her!’ cried Ensign Wayton, an invisible source of death forward and above. Evidently something had happened to the Saturnian, for an instant later, in a steady stream, Wayton began to chant the Menace's hits.
1948 ‘R. Lafayette’ in Astounding Sci. Fiction Sept. 81/1 For she wasn't hulled that he could see and her tubes at one end and her Texas at the other were untouched.
1965 K. Laumer Retief's War in If Oct. 26/1 It looks as though the rock that hulled us did more than take out the tracker. I have no horizontal gyros, and damned little control in my left corrector banks.
1966 K. Laumer & R. G. Brown Earthblood in Worlds of If Sci. Fiction July 158/1 There was a ship–oh, old, old, it was, Roan! Hulled in Deep Space by a rock half as big as a lifeboat, and drifting through space and centuries–until I found it. There was the body of a Man, frozen in an instant as the rock opened her decks to space.
1993 D. Carey Great Starship Race Prologue 14 Then the ship was being hulled and all would die.
1995 E. Moon Winning Colors 306 That patrol craft had almost hulled an assault carrier by itself.