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Definition a kind of spaceship drive
OED requirements antedating 1976
Earliest cite Larry Niven, 'The Words of Science Fiction'
Comment Malcolm Farmer submitted a cite from a 1990 reprint of Poul Anderson's "The Boat of a Million Years". We would like to check the 1989 first edition. Scott Neugroschl suggested Heinlein's "Time for The Stars" as a possible source; Douglas Winston's reading of this found cites for "torch", but not "torch drive". Ralf Brown submitted a 1976 cite from an article by Larry Niven, "The Words in Science Fiction"

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1976 L. Niven Words in Sci. Fiction in Craft of Sci. Fiction 182 Simple description. Torch drive, duplicator, flying belt. Dolphins' hands and telepathically operated tools on tractor treads.