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Definition a science fiction film
OED requirements antedating 1932
Earliest cite F. J. Ackerman in Astounding Stories
Comment Jeff Prucher submitted a 1939 cite from an advertisement in Thrilling Wonder Stories.
Fred Galvin submitted cites from a 1957 column "Scientifilm Marquee" by Forrest J. Ackermann.
Fred Galvin submitted a 1954 cite from a column "Inside Science Fiction" by Robert A. Madle.
Fred Galvin submitted a 1936 cite from the title of a column in Thrilling Wonder Stories.
Fred Galvin submitted a 1959 cite from Richard Eney's "Fancyclopedia II".
Fred Galvin submitted a 1935 cite from a letter by Forrest J. Ackermann in Wonder Stories, October 1935.
Fred Galvin submitted a 1954 cite from Sam Moskowitz's, "The Immortal Storm"
Fred Galvin submitted a 1932 cite from a letter by Ackermann in Astounding Stories, November 1932

This term appears to have fallen out of use. Besides antedatings, we would be interested to see any cites (particularly from sources other than Ackermann) dating from after 1959

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Citations for scientifilm n.

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1935 F. Ackerman Scientifilm News in Wonder Stories Oct. 637/2 You will forgive me if the scientifilm-ending to ‘Mystery of the -/-’ seemed obvious to me before completing the story, being a Scientificinemologist by profession.
1936 Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec. 119/1 (heading) Scientifilm Review
1939 Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug. 117 (advt.) There will be a showing of Metropolis , the greatest scientifilm ever made.
1954 S. Moskowitz Immortal Storm 13 The first two numbers of The Time Traveller , like its announcing circular, were mimeographed. The main feature of the initial issue was a complete list of extant fantastic moving pictures (or, as they have come to be known, "scientifilms") contributed by Forrest J. Ackerman of California.
1954 R. A. Madle Inside Science Fiction in Future Sci. Fiction June 108/1 A prominent producer is seriously contemplating the works of A. E. van Vogt as possible material for his forthcoming scientifilm. Also under consideration by this same individual is that ancient classic from the Spring, 1928 Amazing Quarterly , ‘The Nth Man’, by Homer Eon Flint.
1957 F. J. Ackerman Scientifilm Marquee in Imaginative Tales July 122/1 A sci-fi fan, teenage variety, will be portrayed on the screen in American-International's filmization of ‘The Cosmic Frame’ by Paul W. Fairman. This is the second scientifilm sale for Fairman, whose ‘Deadly City’ was filmed as Target–Earth!
1959 R. Eney Fancyclopedia II 143 A prefix which should indicate only ‘scientific’ (as in ‘scientifiction’) but in use may mean ‘science-fictional’ (as ‘scientifilm’) or even designate something pertaining to fandom.