Full record for superluminal adj.

Definition having or being a speed greater than that of light;
OED requirements antedating 1959
Earliest cite K. R. Popper 'Logic Sci. Discovery'
Last modified 30 July, 2019

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1990 P. Anderson Inconstant Star in L. Niven et al. Man-Kzin Wars III (1992) v. 204 A warcraft of the Raptor class, lately modified to accommodate a superluminal drive, it moved faster than most, agilely responsive to he thrust of its gravity polarizers.
1992 L. Shepard in Isaac Asimov's Sci. Fiction Mag. July 136 Seconds after its disappearance, what looked to be an iridescent crack began to spread across the blackness, reaching from the place where Sojourner had gone superluminal to its point of departure, widening to a finger's breadth, then a hand's, and more, like an all-colored piece of lightning hardened into a great jagged sword that was sundering the void.
1996 C. Asaro Primary Inversion 121 After we went superluminal, speeding up made our length increase and our mass dwindle.
2001 Analog Sept. 44/2 Don't start drawing up blueprints for that time machine just yet, though; even though these experiments in superluminal propagation aren't completely understood, it's generally acknowledged that they don't violate causality.
2005 P. F. Hamilton Judas Unchained xi. 539 There had been no warning of its existence, no detectable superluminal quantum distortion waves which were the signature of human ships and missiles.