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Definition abbreviation for science-fictionish
OED requirements antedating 1976
Earliest cite Douglas S. Carey, in Galaxy
Comment Jeff Prucher submitted a cite from a reprint of the Clute/Nicholls' "Encyclopedia of SF"; Mike Christie verified the cite in the 1993 edition. Bill Mullins submitted a 1998 cite from a review by Michael Rogers in the Library Journal. Bill Mullins submitted a 2001 cite from a review by Ray Olson in Booklist. Fred Galvin submitted a 1976 cite from the letter column of Galaxy.

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1976 Galaxy Sci. Fiction July 159/1 The science column was excellent. Perhaps you could have a Niven/Pournelle team article about one out of four issues. It could be used for articles about more sf-ish concepts; space drives, things like Bigger Than Worlds that Niven had in Analog some time back.
1993 P. Nicholls & J. Clute Encycl. Sci. Fiction p. xiv/1 In our treatment of authors (most of them writing after WWII) who make occasional use of sf devices?to propel plots set in an undated near future , we have been highly selective, for most of these books?do not reward any attempt to incorporate them as sf or sf-ish, though we have given entries to a few (e.g., Ian Fleming ).
1998 M. Rogers Book Reviews: Fiction in Library Jrnl. Oct. 1 134/2 While that sounds very sf-ish, there are also elements of fantasy and horror as one blue, who is essentially the personification of death, wages war against the others, who are forced to hide in a magical forest in Northern California.
2001 R.Olson Ray Vukcevich in Booklist July 1993/1 This is just the world according to Ray Vukcevich, sf-ish enough to get him into the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction and Asimov's but also resembling the fantastic milieus of Gogol, Kafka, and Looney Toons.