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Definition the condition or nature of posthumans
OED requirements antedating 1985
Earliest cite B. Sterling 'Schismatrix'
Comment Douglas Winston submitted a 1985 cite from Bruce Sterling's "Schismatrix". Jeff Prucher submitted a 2003 cite from a review by Russell Letson.

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1985 B. Sterling Schismatrix 229 Really? Posthumanism! Prigoginic levels of complexity! Fractal scales, bedrock of space-time, precontinuum ur-space! Have I got it right?
2003 R. Letson Reviews by Russell Letson in Locus Apr. 25/3 I know this is not really news, but I keep being reminded that we have another Golden Age of Space Opera on our hands. I suspect part of what makes it golden is the way the edges of the old wide-screen space adventure have blurred off into oddly contiguous or harmonious subgenres: the humanism of Jack McDevitt and Nancy Kress; the post-humanism of Greg Egan, Wil McCarthy, Linda Nagata, Karl Schroeder, or John C. Wright; and a whole range of wild and exotic high tech to keep us pocket-protector types happy.
2005 C. Stross Accelerando iii. 108 This is the elitist side of the posthumanism shtick, potentially as threatening to her post-enlightenment ideas as the divine right of kings.