Full record for tri-dim n.

Definition a device capable of transmitting or displaying a three dimensional image
OED requirements antedating 1963
Earliest cite R. Silverberg 'To See the Invisible Man'
Comment Looking for 'tridim' and 'tri-dim'.

Mike Christie submitted a cite for the form "tri-dim" from a 1979 reprint of Robert Heinlein's "The Puppet Masters"; and also checked the 1951 first magazine appearance and determined that the word appears there as "tri-dimensional" instead. Malcolm Farmer verified the cite in a 1969 edition; we would like to check the 1951 first edition, or any other edition prior to 1963. Katrina Campbell submitted a cite from a 1985 reprint of Edmond Hamilton's 1968 "The World of the Starwolves". Ralf Brown located and Mike Christie submitted a 1963 cite from Robert Silverberg's "To See The Invisible Man". Ralf Brown located and Mike Christie submitted a 1967 cite from Robert Silverberg's "Hawksbill Station".

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1963 R. Silverberg To See Invisible Man in Worlds of Tomorrow Apr. 158/1, I entered theaters, where the happy lotus-eaters sat slumped in their massage-chairs, transfixed by the glowing tridim images┬ľand I capered down the aisles.
1967 R. Silverberg Hawksbill Station in Galaxy Mag. Aug. 23/2 Fine wine, yes; a tridim of a daughter who would never be embraced again, no.