Full record for tri-vid n.

Definition a device capable of transmitting or displaying a three dimensional image
OED requirements antedating 1955
Earliest cite W. Sheldon 'Your Time is Up'
Comment Looking for 'tri-vid' and 'trivid'.

Katrina Campbell submitted a cite for the form "tri-vid" from a 1992 reprint of Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye's "The Death of Sleep". Douglas Winston submitted a 1990 cite from Jody Lynn Nye's "Volunteers". Ralf Brown located and Mike Christie submitted a 1964 cite from William Burkett's "Sleeping Planet". Fred Galvin submitted a 1955 cite from Walt Sheldon's "Your Time Is Up".

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Citations for tri-vid n.

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1955 W. Sheldon Your Time Is Up in If June 44/1 But this talk about–about dial phones. About armies. Why, you sound like one of those historical tri-vids about the twentieth century!
1964 W. R. Burkett Sleeping Planet in Analog Sci. Fiction/Sci. Fact Aug. 47/2 Shimmering in the thick atmosphere like figures on a faulty tri-vid receiver, they drifted into the charred area.
1992 Sci. Fiction Age Nov. 30/1 They?took pictures of themselves standing next to it and left already bored and looking forward to the programs on tri-vid that night.