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Definition a device capable of transmitting or displaying a three dimensional image
OED requirements antedating 1969
Earliest cite K. Roberts 'Therapy 2000'
Comment Looking for 'trivee', 'tri-vee', 'Trivee', 'Tri-Vee' and 'Tri-vee'.

Rick Hauptmann submitted a 1971 cite from Jack Williamson's "The Moon Children" for the form "trivee". Malcolm Farmer submitted a cite for the form "Trivee" from a reprint of Keith Roberts' 1969 "Therapy 2000"; Mike Christie verified the cite in a 1969 edition. Eddie Janusz submitted a 1973 cite from Richard Peck's "Final Solution". Douglas Winston submitted a 1991 cite for "trivee" from Dana Stabenow's "Second Star".

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Citations for trivee n.

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1971 J. Williamson in Galaxy Sci. Fiction Nov.—Dec. 136/1 Before Guy came Ballou found me waiting on tables in a helibar and picked me to be what he call [sic] a Poppy-Cola girl. I was supposed to be on trivee to sell Poppy-Cola, but he wanted to have sex all the time–at the conventions of Poppy-Cola salesmen, up in the helicabin and even on the sofa in his private office. Most of the time he was too drunk, but he did get me pregnant.
1991 D. Stabenow Second Star ii. 36 They had bug-eyed monsters on the cover of Scientific American and little green men chasing each other across the news on every trivee screen on Terra.
1991 D. Stabenow Second Star v. 117 I only know what I see on the trivee.