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Definition the action of spacing someone: e.g. 'the penalty is death by spacing'
OED requirements antedating 1972
Earliest cite D. Gerrold 'Starhunt'
Comment Katrina Campbell submitted a cite from a 1985 reprint of David Gerrold's "Starhunt"; Douglas Winston verified the cite in the 1972 first edition, which was published as "Yesterday's Children".

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Citations for spacing n.

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1949 A. Coppel Runaway in Planet Stories Spring 33/1 He was a laconic old soul who loved spacing only a jot better than he loved Martian alky.
1954 G. O. Smith Spacemen Lost in Startling Stories Fall 22/2 Alice was breathing a silent prayer to Commodore Wilson that he make it a quick run. She was sick and tired of spacing already?.
1956 R. A. Heinlein Time for Stars iii. 36 There would be no spacing for the twin left behind, not even inside the Solar System?and I had never even been to the Moon.
1970 R. Silverberg Tower of Glass in Galaxy Mag. June 83/1 In this spacious catacomb many types of transportation devices were manufactured, covering all needs that the transmat could not meet: ocean-crawlers, sliders for surface travel, stratospheric gliders, heavy-duty powerhaulers, immersion modules for use on high-pressure worlds, ion-drive systemships for short-hop spacing, interstellar probes, gravity boxes, skydivers, minirailers, sunscoops.
1972 D. Gerrold Yesterday's Children 122 ‘Hey, does anybody know what the penalty for mutiny is?’‘Last I heard, it was death by spacing.’
1973 A. D. Foster Bloodhype 79 If you've ever a mind to learn spacing, my ship, the Umbra , is listed in all the registries.
1985 ‘D. Gerrold’ Starhunt 98 ‘Hey, does anyone know what the penalty for mutiny is?’‘Last I heard, it was death by spacing.’
1987 T.R. McDonough Architects of Hyperspace 62 But what do you know about spacing? Have you ever been trapped in a vacuum with only seconds of air left?
1991 D. Stabenow Second Star vi. 128 What I told you about the family firm was true, as far as I went. I've always been more interested in spacing than in building another Terran empire.
1997 C. M. Kornbluth Crisis! in C. M. Kornbluth His Share of Glory: The Complete Short Science Fiction of C. M. Kornbluth 402 Earth was in a very peculiar situation. Only a century ago it had begun really intensive spacing, with freight exchanges and mining. Venus and Mars, and in a smaller way Jupiter, had been a space culture for millennia. Earth had not had the elaborate machineries of foreign offices and consulates, embassies and delegates and envoys that the other planets maintained. Terra had gone into the complicated mess of astropolitics with her eyes serenely closed and the naive conviction that right would prevail.