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Definition at a superluminal speed
OED requirements antedating 1992
Earliest cite L. Shepard 'Barnacle Bill the Spacer'
Comment Jeff Prucher submitted a cite from a reprint of Lucius Shepard's "Barnacle Bill the Spacer"; Mike Christie verified the cite in the 1992 first magazine appearance. MIchael Dolbear submitted a 1996 cite from Catherine Asaro's "Primary Inversion"

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1992 L. Shepard in Isaac Asimov's Sci. Fiction Mag. July 136 Seconds after its disappearance, what looked to be an iridescent crack began to spread across the blackness, reaching from the place where Sojourner had gone superluminal to its point of departure, widening to a finger's breadth, then a hand's, and more, like an all-colored piece of lightning hardened into a great jagged sword that was sundering the void.