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Definition Of an environment or planet transformed by terraforming
OED requirements antedating 1942
Earliest cite Jack Williamson, "Minus Sign"
Comment Mike Christie submitted a 1942 cite from Jack Williamson's "Minus Sign".

Earliest cite in the OED: 1949.

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1942 ‘W. Stewart’ Minus Sign in Astounding Sci. Fiction Nov. 47/2 Rick omitted breakfast and hurried to the laboratory, just under the crown of the terraformed hill.
1972 M. Bradley Darkover Landfall xi. 106 Secretly it seemed to him that it might be more interesting to colonize a ‘wild’ planet than one extensively terraformed and worked over by Earth Expeditionary.
1980 D. Brin Sundiver vii.xxi. 239 We are challenged by some two-bit species?who now own two little terraformed planets that sit right astride our only route to the colony on Omnivarium?
1989 ‘G. Naylor’ Red Dwarf 4 Twelve miles below him, under the pexiglass dome of the terraformed colony of Mimas, half the ship's crew were on planet leave.
1991 Locus May 21/2 Anee, the terraformed moon of a gas giant nearly 200 light-years from Earth.
1991 K. Laumer Judson's Eden 240 AutoSpace has succeeded in establishing viable colonies on more than a dozen habitable or terraformed bodies!
1993 I. Asimov Forward Foundation 393 Wanda invariably found herself out here, scratching at the terraformed ground, as if coaxing a few plants to life might somehow, in some tiny measure, ameliorate her pain.
1993 K. S. Robinson Green Mars (new ed.) 90 All its metals together total about twenty trillion dollars, but the value of a terraformed Mars is more in the neighbourhood of two hundred trillion dollars.
1996 W. Shatner Return v. 32 The terraformed crater of Mars were sharp with the tang of oxide-rich soil.
1997 W. Shatner Avenger iv. 29 The neutral planetoid was now almost completely terraformed.