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Definition an alien with a non-human bodily form.
OED requirements any evidence 1954
Earliest cite James Blish, "Beep"
Comment Douglas Winston submitted a cite from a 1990 reprint of Allan Cole and Chris Bunch's "The Court of a Thousand Suns".
Mike Christie submitted a 1956 cite from Poul Anderson's "Live Coward".
Fred Galvin submitted a cite for "non-humanoid" from a 1976 reprint of James Blish's "Beep", which Mike Christie verified in its 1954 first publication.
Fred Galvin submitted a 1962 cite from "Through Time and Space With Ferdinand Feghoot: LV" by Grendel Briarton [pseudonym of Reginald Bretnor]

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Citations for nonhumanoid n.

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1947 B. Wells Scrambled World in Planet Stories Spring 84/2 This future civilization might be unfriendly and?even non-humanoid.
1954 J. Blish Beep in Galaxy Sci. Fiction Feb. 42/2 And we'll be using non-humanoids there!
1954 R. A. Heinlein in Mag. Fantasy & Sci. Fiction May 59 Those tireless interpreters, brokers, go-betweens, and expounders, the Rargyllians, were always popping up in negotiations between diverse races; the presence of Dr. Ftaeml on Earth had tipped Greenberg that something was up with a non-humanoid people?non-human in mentality, creatures so different psychologically that communication was difficult.
1956 Astounding Sci. Fiction June 119/2 In spite of his claims to ambassadorial rank, Alak found himself ranking low–his only retinue was on ugly nonhumanoid.
1962 ‘G. Briarton’ Through Time & Space with Ferdinand Feghoot: LV in Mag. Fantasy & Sci. Fiction Oct. 70 The natives of Qsgg III, besides being exceedingly vain of their sciences and arts, were the busiest non-humanoids in the galaxy.
1985 A. Cole & C. Bunch Court of Thousand Suns (1990) 19 Prime World humans felt that the nonhumans, the N'Ranya, were underdogs, and preferred to invest their credits accordingly; non-humanoids felt somewhat differently, preferring to back the favorites.
1998 L. A. Graf & M. J. Friedman War Dragons i. 4 Are they friendly toward nonhumanoids?