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Definition a scientist or engineer who studies or works with robots
OED requirements antedating 1946
Earliest cite Isaac Asimov, 'Evidence'
Comment Mike Christie submitted a 1946 cite from Isaac Asimov's "Evidence". Fred Galvin submitted a cite from a 1949 reprint of Asimov's "Victory Unintentional": we would like to verify this in the story's first publication (Super Science Stories, August 1942). Fred Galvin submitted a cite from a 1954 reprint of Asimov's "Robot AL 76 Goes Astray": we would like to bverify this in the story's first publication (Amazing Stories February 1942)

Earliest cite in the OED: 1947.

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Citations for roboticist n.

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1946 I. Asimov Evidence in Astounding Sci. Fiction Sept. 124/1 Slowly, the roboticist's finger touched a knob and the wall illuminators glowed to gentle life.
1949 I. Asimov Victory Unintentional in Invasion from Mars 147 To dispense with further description, they were indestructible, and so impressively powerful that they were the only robots ever built on whom the roboticists of the corporation had never quite had the nerve to pin a serial-number nickname.
1949 I. Asimov Robot AL-76 Goes Astray in My Best Sci. Fiction Story 9 There was even talk of a Congressional investigation, though every reputable Roboticist and Mathematical Physicist on Earth swore the robot was harmless.
1949 I. Asimov Robot AL-76 Goes Astray in My Best Sci. Fiction Story 12 Nor, for that matter, had he any inkling of the fact that half a dozen roboticists, under the leadership of Sam Tobe, were smoking down the highway from Petersboro at better than a hundred and twenty miles an hour–for the sole purpose of having the pleasure and honor of his acquaintance.
1988 Locus Apr. 25/2 Opposing the Roboticists are the Biofundamentalists, conservatives who feel that robot intelligence is an abomination. Roboticist Jonathan Durant is killed in a fight with the Bioeffers, and all that is left of him is an imperfect robot copy.