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Definition the study of outer space
OED requirements antedating 1953
Earliest cite W. Bolton 'Looking Sideways'
Comment Roberto Labanti submitted two cites from 1955; one from the New York Times, August 28, and one from the "Edwardsville Intelligencer", July 30, 1955. Robert Labanti submitted a cite from "Looking Sideways" by Whitney Bolton which was printed in two US newspapers on June 17 and June 18 1953.

Earliest cite in the OED's data base was from 1957.

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Citations for space science n.

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1953 Lowell Sun May 18 18/4 This is imagination in showmanship, the dramatizing of scientific truths, the making of space science into a tangible graspable fact with no bug-eyed monsters, no Martians 11 feet tall with one green eye or Venusians with tentacles where their arms should be.
1955 Edwardsville Intelligencer July 30 1/3 Western observers in Moscow believed Russia would accept the American offer to cooperate in space science as set forth in a White House announcement.
1955 H. Kursh And Now–Space Cops? in N.Y. Times Mag. 28 Aug. 69/2 But lots of heads will be getting together over this new problem posed by rocket power and space science and out of it all, if nothing else, may come a new conception of rules for behaviour in the community of nations–solar law, as distinct from international law.