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Definition A live broadcast transmitted over the Internet
OED requirements antedating 1987
Earliest cite 1987 D. K. Moran 'The Armageddon Rag'
Comment Jonathan Franks submitted a 1987 cite from Daniel Keys Moran's , "The Armageddon Blues."

(earliest cite in OED is 1995).

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1987 D. K. Moran Armageddon Blues 191 He grinned to show that there were no flies on him; that he understood that SORCELIS wasn't a secret any longer, if it ever had been–DataWeb News had done an in-depth on it not two weeks ago, and tourists had been trekking up into the New York hills ever since the webcast.
2001 Sci Fi June 74/3 One of the nice things about Chi-Chian (or about almost any webcast show, for that matter) is that the episodes are archived on the site.
2001 Dreamwatch Mar. 18/1 The new DVD set will include interviews with the cast and crew of The Mummy Returns , the trailer for the new picture, and access to a live webcast from the new film's premiere.
2003 Cult Times May 7/1 BBCi's webcast of Shada , featuring Paul McGann, Lalla Ward and John Leeson, will commence on 2nd May.