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Definition someone who flies rockets or rocketships
OED requirements antedating 1935
Earliest cite Benson Herbert, 'The Perfect World'
Comment Fred Galvin submitted a 1950 cite from Walt Sheldon's "Music of the Spheres". Fred Galvin submitted a 1948 cite from Fredric Brown's "What Mad Universe". Fred Galvin submitted a 1953 cite from Murray Leinster's "The Journey". Fred Galvin submitted a 1949 cite from William Morrison's "Free Land". Fred Galvin submitted a 1935 cite from Benson Herbert's "The Perfect World". Fred Galvin submitted a 1950 cite from Forrest J. Ackerman in Other Worlds Science Stories. Fred Galvin submitted a 1953 cite from Oliver Saari's "The Space Man". Fred Galvin submitted a 1951 cite from William Tenn's "Venus is a Man's World". Fred Galvin submitted a cite from a 1951 reprint of Keith Bennett's "The Rocketeers Have Shaggy Ears"; Mike Christie verified it in the 1950 original.
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Citations for rocketeer n.

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1935 B. Herbert Perfect World in Wonder Stories Oct. 522/1 On the desk there was a copy of The Weekly Rocketeer, yesterday's issue. It was a trade magazine, cost one and a half marks, and was full of advertisements for soarers, metal hulls, rocket-tubes, external-combustion engines, fuel mixtures, and so on.
1941 Cosmic Stories Mar. He wore the woven bronze-mesh uniform of a commercial rocketeer service.
1948 F. Brown What Mad Universe in Startling Stories Sept. 14/1 Well, fellow space-pilots, tonight–the night I'm writing this, not the night you're reading it–is the big night, the big night, and the ole Rocketeer was out there to see it. And see it he did, that flash of light on the dark of the moon that marked the landing of the first successful missile launched through space by man.
1950 K. Bennett Rocketeers Have Shaggy Ears in Planet Stories Spring 4/1 Suddenly Commander Devlin grinned, and pulled a brandy bottle from his pocket, uncorking it as he spoke: ‘Well, Rocketeers, a short life and a merry one. I never did give a damn for riding in these tin cans.’
1950 W. Sheldon Music of Spheres in Startling Stories July 115/2 Mr. Optimum Stability, himself–at least that was what they told me after an I.B.M. machine picked me from my psychograph out of all the other rocketeers and jetmen in the World Air Force.
1951 ‘W. Tenn’ Venus Is Man's World in Galaxy Sci. Fiction July 4/1 Of course, every once in a while I would run across a big scene of stars in the void set in the wall; but they were only pictures. Nothing that gave the feel of great empty space like I'd read about in The Boy Rocketeers, no portholes, no visiplates, nothing.
1953 ‘M. Leinster’ Journey in Star Sci. Fiction Stories 181 Joe woke, weightless, gasping in terror. It was that nightmare sensation of unending fall–the sensation the very first rocketeers had when they essayed to ‘coast’ to the moon on their own momentum.
1993 J. Pournelle & S. M. Stirling Prince of Sparta 219 Finally, two Helot rocketeers came up.