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Definition the center of the galaxy; the word is frequently capitalized, "the Core" in this usage.
OED requirements antedating 1966
Earliest cite Larry Niven, 'At The Core'
Comment Suggested by Randy Hoffman.
Brian Denehy submitted a cite from a 1971 reprint of Larry Niven's "At The Core", which Mike Christie verified in its 1966 first publication.
Malcolm Farmer submitted a 1994 cite from Eric Brown's "Engineman".
Douglas Winston submitted a 2003 cite from Fred Saberhagen's "Berserker's Star"
Douglas Winston submitted a cite from a 2005 reprint ofJohn Ringo & Michael Z.Williamson's 2004 "The Hero".
Douglas Winston submitted a 2000 cite from Scott Westerfeld's "Evolution's Darling".
Douglas Winston submitted a 1985 cite from Brian Daley's "Requiem For a Ruler of Worlds"
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Citations for core n.

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1966 L. Niven At Core in Worlds of If Sci. Fiction Nov. 33/1 But the Core! Ignoring refueling and reprovisioning problems, my old ship could have reached the galaxy's core in three hundred years. No known species had ever seen the Core! It hid behind layer on layer of tenuous gas and dust clouds.
1968 S. E. Whitfield in S. E. Whitfield & G. Roddenberry Making of ‘Star Trek’ ii. viii. 249 A disease is brought aboard the ship—a disease that strips away inhibitions and reveals the ‘core’ of each person.
1985 B. Daley Requiem For Ruler of Worlds viii. 117 I heard the Spicans are thinking about sending another expedition to the Core‥. It'll take years and years.
1994 E. Brown Engineman 66 The Keilor-Vincicoff Organization ran the 'faces in the more populated sectors of the Expansion, but in the Core and out on the Rim the operation was conducted by smaller companies.
2003 F. Saberhagen Berserker's Star xiv. 208 Somehow, as if through a great magnifying lens, or a porthole looking into a wormhole, it provided a close but distorted look at the Core, the Galaxy's great glowing heart, which through the normal paths of space, or even flight-space, would be thousands of light-years distant, a journey occupying standard months, if conditions obtaining along the route would allow it to be made at all.
2005 J. Ringo & M. Z. Williamson The Hero i. 8 There were indications from scouting ships that the Blobs were planning on attacking towards the Core worlds with a large fleet.
2005 J. Ringo & M. Z. Williamson The Hero i. 9 But the line of advance was the question. While Earth and the Core might not care, the Islendian Republic didn't wish to be the route used.