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Definition an imaginary machine capable of transporting a person backwards or forwards in time
OED requirements antedating 1894
Earliest cite H. G. Wells 'The Time Machine' (first magazine appearance)
Comment The existing OED citation comes from the first book edition of H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine". We have subsequently found this in the earlier magazine appearance in 1894. This detailed bibliography of early versions of this work, maintained by Don and Mary Coleman, refers to several earlier versions, the earliest of which dates to 1888. We would like to check these versions for "time machine", "time traveler", and other terms cited from "The Time Machine". If you have access to any of these versions and would be willing to look for citations, please let us know.
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Citations for time machine n.

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1983 J. Varley Millennium vi. 91 It shifts around in some multidimensional fashion, and when it's through, no time machine ever existed.
1988 R. Bradbury Toynbee Convector (1989) 3 Yes, the time machine is on exhibit below.
1989 Omni Dec. 148/2 As the technology evolves, magic windows might become our answer to the time machine envisioned by H. G. Wells.
1992 Sci. Fiction Age Nov. 26/1 If the present that is changed doesn't have a time machine or a time traveller to change the present, then who changed it?
1993 B. Shaw Dimensions (1994) 84—5 Time machines existed in his own age, but it was illegal to use them for forays into the past, so if he really was in Victorian England he was almost certainly stranded.
1994 Analog Science Fiction & Fact Jan. 148/1 A client?has invented a time machine.