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Definition one who studies planets
OED requirements antedating 1937
Earliest cite E. E. Smith 'Galactic Patrol'
Comment Mike Christie submitted a 1937 cite from E.E. Smith's "Galactic Patrol". Mike Christie submitted a 1949 cite from Poul Anderson's "Entity". Mike Christie submitted a 1941 cite from E.E. Smith's "Second Stage Lensman". Douglas Winston submitted a cite from a 1970 reprint of Poul Anderson's "After Doomsday". Mike Christie verified this in its 1961 original publication in Galaxy.

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Citations for planetographer n.

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1961 P. Anderson Day After Doomsday in Galaxy Mag. dec. 10/2 Kunz the astronomer and Easterling the planetographer were still hunched over their instruments, as if they would find some misfunction that would give the lie to what they could see with unaided eyes.
1996 R. Silverberg Starborne 113 The ideal exploration party, it seems to me, would include one biologist, one planetographer, and, of course, one man to operate and do necessary maintenance work on the vehicle the party uses.