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Definition space-travelling
OED requirements antedating 1944
Earliest cite 'Sgt. Gerald Vance', "Double Cross on Mars"
Comment Jeff Prucher submitted a cite from an article by Peter Nicholls in a reprinted edition of the Clute/Nicholls' Encyclopedia of SF; Mike Christie verified the cite in the 1993 first edition.
Jeff Prucher submitted a 2000 cite from a reprint of Anne McCaffery and Mercedes Lackey's 1992 "The Ship Who Searched".
Ralf Brown located a cite in an electronic text of Alan Dean Foster's 1973 "Bloodhype", and David Dyer-Bennet verified it in a paper copy.
Mike Christie submitted a 2003 cite from Tom Easton's reviw column, "The Reference Library"
Mike Christie submitted an April 1946 cite from George O. Smith's "Pattern for Conquest".
Mike Christie submitted a 1948 cite from Joseph Farrell's "The Hero".
Fred Galvin submitted a 1944 cite from "Double-Cross on Mars" by Sgt. Gerald Vance (The ISFDB lists this pseudonym as used by a couple of authors; this story is probably by William P. McGivern)
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1944 ‘G. Vance’ Double-Cross on Mars in Amazing Stories Sept. 136/1, I don't intend to risk this neck of mine testing some engineer's brain-child to give the public a thrill. Find another sucker to handle your space-going coffin; I'm not having any, thanks.
1946 G. O. Smith Pattern for Conquest in Astounding Sci.-Fiction Apr. 45/1 And bringing up the rear were the myriad upon myriad of supply ships, replacement carriers, machine-shop craft, and even space-going foundries.
1948 J. Farrell Hero in Astounding Sci. Fiction Oct. 54/2 I'll get into that space-going fuel tank and grin at the newsreel men as if I didn't have a nerve in my body.
1973 A. D. Foster Bloodhype 2 The Vom now tried to attract the ships of another species, but space-going races were scarce in this section of the galaxy.
1988 R. Silverberg We are for Dark in Coll. Stories (1993)II. 330 The speed of light remains our limiting factor while we establish our network. Although the Velde Effect allows us to deceive it and in effect to sidestep it, we must first carry the Velde receivers to the stars, and for that we can use only conventional spacegoing vehicles.
1989 N. Pollotta & P. Foglio Illegal Aliens x. 101 Finding no resistance at first, they established supply lines and built adamantine fortresses in every solar system that surrounded their home star. Along the way, the Gees began encountering other space-going races and, hesitantly at first, began forging mutual defense pacts. Eventually, more and more systems fell within their sphere of influence, and the process rapidly gained momentum.
1992 A. McCaffrey & M. Lackey Ship Who Searched i. 2 That had given him a window of opportunity for a little shore leave, in a base-town that catered to some fairly heavy space-going traffic, and he had taken it.
1993 P. Nicholls Encyclopedia Sci. Fiction 480/1 It was probably Konstantin Tsiolkovsky who first saw the necessity for using generation starships in the colonization of other worlds; he presented the idea in ‘The Future of Earth and Mankind’, which was published in a Russian anthology of scientific essays in 1928 but may have been conceived even earlier. Tsiolkovsky here argued for the construction in the future of space-going ‘Noah's Arks’: he envisaged such journeys as taking many thousands of years.
1993 P. Nicholls Encyclopedia Sci. Fiction 480/1 An interesting variation is found in Damien Broderick's idea-packed The Dreaming Dragons (1980 ), in which a generation time machine is uncovered beneath Ayers Rock in the Australian desert.
1994 R. Silverberg Hot Sky at Midnight 2 The place was nothing but an enormous spacegoing safe house.
2003 T. Easton Reference Library in Analog Sci. Fiction & Fact Jan. 130/1 The old home world is bursting with people, every scrap of energy and greenery managed for human benefit, and it has long since put its spacegoing ambitions behind.