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Definition a large space ship which regularly carries passengers
OED requirements antedating 1931
Earliest cite Jack Williamson, 'Twelve Hours to Live!'
Comment Jeff Prucher submitted a 1939 cite from Gordon Giles' "The Story Behind the Story" in Thrilling Wonder.
Malcolm Farmer submitted a cite for the form "space-liner" from a reprint of C.L. Moore's "Black Thirst"; Alistair Durie verified it in the original 1934 publication in Weird Tales.
Fred Galvin submitted a 1932 cite from John W. Campbell Jr.'s "The electronic Siege".
Fred Galvin submitted a 1931 cite from Jack Williamson's "Twelve Hours to Live!"

Earliest cite in the OED: 1944.

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1931 J. Williamson Twelve Hours to Live! in Wonder Stories Aug. 355/1 For three days, Captain Grant had kept his great space-liner, with her rich cargo of uranium salts from the mines on the outer satellite of Neptune and her hundreds of passengers, ahead of the questing disintegrator rays of the Black Hawk only by burning his full battery of reaction-motors at their maximum power.
1932 J. W. Campbell, Jr. Electronic Siege in Wonder Stories 3 Apr. 1247/1 A stream of famous scientists had been coming aboard the space liner Vega all afternoon.
1934 C. L. Moore Black Thirst in Weird Tales Apr. 425/1 Not even the lowest class of Venusian street-walker dared come along the waterfronts of Ednes on the nights when the space-liners were not in.
1939 ‘G. A. Giles’ Story Behind Story in Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb. 119/2 If human lives and destinies can be so intertwined in the ordinary walks of life, why not aboard a space liner also? I had to assume, for the purposes of the story, that interplanetary travel was quite established, as common almost as voyaging across the ocean.
1939 Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb. 50 Fate Intersects the Orbits of Five Destinies as a Mighty Space-Liner Rockets Through the Cosmic Gulf.
1990 A. Steele Clarke County, Space 58 TexSpace SSTO shuttle Lone Star Clipper was a few minutes from initiating the OMS burn which would brake the spaceliner for its primary approach to Clarke County, when the bridge crew received a priority transmission, relayed by TDRS comsats, from Washington D.C.
1997 Interzone Dec. 50/1 The final edition of Forecast (Christmas 1959) featured a lead article on spaceliners, a feature on “The Odorchestra”?and “Jeanne”, which advertised itself as a “bizarre romance.”