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Definition the conquest of territory in outer space, in other solar systems or on other planets
OED requirements antedating 1942
Earliest cite 'Martin Pearson', "The Embassy"
Comment Fred Galvin submitted a cite for "space conquest" from a 1951 reprint of Eric Frank Russell's "Metamorphosite", which Mike Christie verified in its 1946 first publication.
Fred Galvin submitted a cite from a reprint of "The Embassy" by Martin Pearson (pseudonym of Donald A. Wollheim), which Mike Christie verified in its 1942 first publication.
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1942 ‘M. Pearson’ Embassy in Astounding Sci.-Fiction Mar. 73/2 And I will make one more hypothesis: it is that we Earth people are today on the verge of space conquest, and that any race further advanced than we must have already mastered space flight.
1946 E. F. Russell Metamorphosite in Astounding Sci. Fiction Dec. 14/1 The position is that every time we make a landing we take the tremendous risk of presenting our secrets of space conquest to people of unknown abilities and doubtful ambitions.
1949 E. F. Russell in Astounding Sci. Fiction Feb. 58/2 The biped tribes have united since the last great holocaust and they need all their unity to cope with space-conquest now that it has reached its present stage.