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Definition a small spacecraft containing the instruments or crew relating to the purpose of a space flight
OED requirements antedating 1954
Earliest cite E. R. James 'Space Capsule'
Comment Fred Galvin found a reference in the ISFDB to a story by E.R.James, "Space Capsule" in New Worlds, May 1954; Derek Hepburn verified this reference, and supplied a cite from the story.
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1954 E. R. James Space Capsule in New Worlds Sci. Fiction May 48 When a Sun and planets are observed to be approaching conditions suitable for the evolution of intelligent life based on carbon atoms, the system is visited by our ships. As the develoment of planets is dependent upon so many factors, however, these ships merely make a survey, and pass on, leaving behind a space capsule containing a unit such as this you now see.