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Definition pertaining to Venus
OED requirements antedating 1874
Earliest cite A. Blair 'Annals 29th Century'
Last modified 30 July, 2019

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1941 Cosmic Stories July From some confidential instructions he dropped while making a getaway they learned that he was secret agent for some Venusian colony or other.
1954 C. Oliver Field Expedient in W. F. Nolan Edge of Forever (1971) 143 The ten Earth-days of the Venusian night had been busy and full, and spiced with the exoticism of the truly new.
1997 A. C. Clarke 3001: Final Odyssey xv. 106 The radar image of the tortured Venusian landscape–its weird volcanoes, pancake domes and narrow, sinuous canyons–dominated the main screen of Goliath 's control centre, but Poole preferred the evidence of his own eyes.